“Antifa” Fascists, the Latest Chapter in Democrat Irony

April 28, 2017 updated September 8, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Given that 40% of Millennials literally believe free speech to be “oppression” it should be no surprise that extreme cognitive dissonance clubs like “Antifa” will easily find new recruits to “punch a NAZI” and otherwise act out in violence against their own inner demons.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 7.02.09 AM.png

The combined effects of fluoride, flu shots, chloramine, lead, GMO, Ritalin and Pot make a perfect storm of highly energized Democrat doctrinaires that couldn’t be bothered with any sort of dialog.  They can’t express their views so they’ll be damned if someone that might add confusion to their heap of internal contradictions are going to express theirs.

So any “conversation” is over before it begins.  And they’ll leave no crime uncommitted in their “righteous” quest to silence that sound of rational and reasoned thought that for them equates to fingernails dragged across a chalk board.

Meanwhile back at headquarters:

antifa fascist fisting time lgbt gender

Some deeply indoctrinated believe are arguments on whether “Antifa” is or isn’t “fascist” are settled by their name:

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 1.59.55 PM

By this logic we’d know for certain that no members of a group called “anti-Moron” could be, well, morons.

Some especially inane Antifa proponents believe George Orwell would approve and even join their fascist movement:

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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