PODCAST: Date with Destinee

April 12, 2022
Updated April 19, 2022

Eric Hanson Music is proud to present a brand new Podcast, “Date with Destinee” hosted by Eric Hanson and cohosted by “Tri-Valley Girl” Destinee Roy.

Episode 8 of April 26, 2022 Features Navy Seal And Super Sales Personality Art Boseman

This show highlights common and sometimes different perspectives between generations and gender on politics, lifestyle, culture, language and art with an emphasis on the Tri-Valley (Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville) region of Northern California. Guests who have appeared or scheduled to appear include:

Our Host Eric Hanson has a background in marketing, technology, music, and performing. He has appeared multiple times at Tommy T’s (Pleasanton, California,) to showcase comedic talents. He had performed and recorded an album with Relic, and has recently released his own solo album “Socially Distant” and three singles “What Child is This,” “Globalist Pricks,” and “Floating.” He has also authored over 400 articles on human issues and politics, presently working on a coming new book: “Porn for the Soul,” which might be completed next Summer. His artist bio can be found on Spotify.

It wouldn’t be a “Date with Destinee” without our charming and intelligent Destinee.

Our Co-Host Destinee Roy attempted launch of a Congressional run for 2022 against Eric Swalwell of District 14. Regrettably a lack of campaign experience collided with misdirection by some Alameda County official(s) which resulted in missing a make-or-break deadline, but the efforts will resume for run in 2024. Destinee also founded a brand of Candles under the “Bristling Bee” brand, is writing music, and will debut with a new single release in the Fall. She also is an experienced Bar Tender at a popular Dublin restaurant which provides opportunity to meet the larger Dublin and Tri-Valley community while serving the “spiritual needs” of her patrons.

Early recorded episodes are available on Soundcloud, YouTube (with the exception that the very first episode was removed by Google for failure to align with the misinformation being promoted by World Health Organization and domestic accomplices to what Eric Hanson calls “DemoQuackery,”) Brighteon, Rumble and other sound and video platforms.

Our Very First Episode is still up on SoundCloud, Brighteon and Rumble but was removed within 6 hours of posting on YouTube for failing to adequately echo the medical misinformation from WHO, CDC and other lying accomplices of COVID fraud.
Date with Destinee Host and Producer Eric Hanson

Most episodes are recorded and/or cast from Club Dub Studio (in Dublin, California) and some from interesting alternative locations.

The great Nick Sky featured on Episode 5

Typical episodes run 50 to 55 minutes. We are booking guests for our Summer schedule now, and inquiries should be directed to the “Contact” link on ELH1.COM or at any of our social media accounts:

Eric Hanson Music on Gettr

Eric Hanson Music on Twitter

More details and episodes will appear here along with details on how to stream or download your own favorites or to tune into future live shows.

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