Democrats vs. Republicans, Which Lead in Education, Intelligence and Science?

January 26, 2021
Updated July 31, 2021

Whereas Democrat policy appeals to the least fit and lowest common denominator, there’s more to the makeup of their party than just the super low IQ and low information handout voters that make up the fattest section of their party’s curve. These include the unwashed hoards they invite to build up their numbers which, by their open borders policies are most attractive to those who can neither read nor write in their own language.

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Why “Price Gouging” is One of the More Insidious and Destructive of Accusations

June 15, 2022
Updated June 17, 2022

The frustrations that occur when Democrat policy or some other calamity leads to significant price adjustments is certainly natural. It doesn’t require much effort to deflect blame from the severe weather wrought by nature of politicians on the merchant and/or their suppliers for a “crime” of so-called “gauging.”

When the victims of natural or arranged circumstances face a $15 bottle of water of $10 gallon of gas as their only practical option, it’s all so very easy for the amplified voices of bureaucrats and politicians to convince them that they’re victims of the seller whom they believe owe them some big favor of incorrectly assessing an appropriate price.

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Facebook Pushes Warnings for Sharing from “League of Men Voters” Page

June 14, 2022

Users are now treated to a warning on any attempts to use the share feature on content posted on “League of Men Voters” page.

Meanwhile, here are the real facts:

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Fascist Arguments: “Deplatforming is Not Censorship!”

June 10, 2022

The racketeers at CNN are quite comfortable with open promotion of the most ridiculous lies to rationalize the insidious evil of censorship of all but their own serpent tongues. And of course the utter hypocrisy of so-called “Free Press” railing against the very freedom of speech leveraged to spew the most hateful lies to incite violence and lob defamatory attacks against men, women and even children can’t be conducted without some gaslighting.

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How to Destroy Leftist Gun Arguments

Whenever a certain political party appears to be facing a loss of power, events of their making are exploited to take another pass at their biggest ambition of rendering us impotent against their agenda.


March 30, 2018
Updated May 26, 2022
Eric Hanson

The left attack the rights of citizens “to keep and bear arms” from all directions. Most will argue that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean what it says while their comrades and sometimes they themselves will argue that the 2nd Amendment must be repealed!

To avoid getting swept into the muck of disingenuous circular arguments slung by the illiberal “liberals” taking aim at gun rights, one can apply a few very simple guidelines to offer efficient service to their education. The strategy I’ve developed breaks down into three very simple steps which are summarized as follows:

  1. Eliminate their game of “interpreting” the hell out of the 2nd Amendment until it means the opposite.
  2. Demonstrate why a REPEAL would be REQUIRED for them to claim any legitimacy to their gun grabbing objectives.
  3. Prove once and for all that nobody should WANT to see…

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FashBook: Lying Globalist Controlled Social Media Inserts Warnings for “Russian Controlled” RT Links

May 25, 2022

An excellent and thoughtful article was shared into a debate group. My first attempt to open the RT piece was answered with a big warning dialog concerning “Russia state-controlled media!” If only they’d offer the same courtesy on MK Ultra US Media, or Chinese Controlled media like Forbes (with its 51% ownership by CCP.)

Of course that makes it even more interesting to share the article, and so the link is provided here so that, by sharing this article, we can get these verboten thoughts the attention they deserve.

Full Article

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Looking Past the WEF, DeepState and Democrat Lies on the Russia Ukraine Matter

Survey: Fully vaccinated believe every lie about Russia and Ukraine, fully support wartime escalations

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Book Review: WWT The Deep Dark DEAD State

The author of this amazing WWT: Deep Dark Dead State, Mr. Nick Sky was featured on our Date with Destinee Podcast.


March 28, 2019
Update May 22, 2022
ODP Staff

Stephen King loves to lift his own scary genre from the pages by his unabashed support of real world horror delivered by Democrat policy. But a new author, Nick Sky, delivers a zombie apocalypse to readers on 45’s terms!

Mr. Sky’s grotesque imagination is paired with wicked humor to deliver a gripping tale that will delight zombie enthusiasts, and they may even find themselves tempted to read a particular chapter to their children as a bed time story.

The author, Nick Sky was interviewed recently on Date with Destinee.

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Filthy Ideology – The Left’s Celebration of Soil and Excrement.

And since, the Democrats have only become more filthy.


December 7, 2020
Updated May 21, 2022

Throughout the unfortunate history of Marxism, Communists have pronounced cleanliness to be a bourgeoisie indulgence that should draw suspicion if not scorned as shameful. A true party comrade had to maintain a close relationship to dirt and filth to prove they were “good workers,” in the constant and eternal struggle towards an elusive “utopia.”

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PODCAST: Date with Destinee

Episode 8 featuring the super car sales personality and Navy Seal Art Boseman


April 12, 2022
Updated May 21, 2022

Eric Hanson Music is proud to present a brand new Podcast, “Date with Destinee” hosted by Eric Hanson and cohosted by “Tri-Valley Girl” Destinee Roy.

Episode 5 of April 26, 2022

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The CIA’s Game

Seems we called it right over FOUR YEARS ago…


February 21, 2018
Updated May 21, 2022

ODP Staff

Phil Mudd hasn’t done much to help either the #DEMINFESTED FBI, nor even the CIA’s glowing reputation as an upstanding agency that reports with fidelity to our nation’s present Chief Law Enforcement and Intelligence Officer.

His faked crying performance did very little to allay concerns over the two agencies that performed with distinction in ignoring, enabling, or possibly even arranging the Parkland School Shooting that has accomplished so much for known CIA gun grabbing and domestic regime change agendas.

Just days prior to this amazing performance the same Phil Mudd threatened Trump that his apparent resolve to “take on” his dubious agency would be activate CIA “games” the President would be sure to lose.

Some Americans already knew the CIA wasn’t serving at the pleasure of the White House nor any other legitimate branch of the government elected by We the…

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The Commie Brain: How the Brainwashed Scapegoat Any and All of the Crises They Create by Blaming “Capitalism.”

May 20, 2022

The very word “capitalism” carries a rather broad meaning, and can describe anything from the natural human condition where free men and women make trades and potentially leverage the fruit of their own labor, along with any process or assets that help them build a life that’s more efficient and livable. Put in simple terms, a man who assembles a carriage, or who trades for such an asset with other labors, is then equipped to trade a service of mobility for other services or goods, including those which might, in turn prove helpful in making more efficient offers to neighbors that will in turn yield more appealing trades. It’s also ultimately possible to then trade the carriage itself for some other asset that might either enable offer of other services, or to help fund a retirement to allow more time to enjoy spend with grandchildren.

Whereas, in common use “Capitalism” implies free trades and thus freedom, the same word, “Capitalism,” can also describe the big pot of tyranny of “State Capitalism” or “Soviet Capitalism” that that invariably is delivered at the end of each and every Communist revolution rainbow.

The point of distinction between a Free Market, often described simply as “capitalism,” and the centrally controlled “State Capitalism, ” economy enabled by Marxists is lost on most, and so “Capitalist” and “Capitalism” are treated as an word to simply imply “not Socialist” or “not Communist.”

The, often intentional, failure in distinguishing “Free Market” or simply “capitalism” with the evil of “State Capitalism” proves useful to the Communist who sees an opportunity to scapegoat the destructive aspects of the latter, by blaming what is otherwise nearly synonymous with “Freedom.”

This 1934 cartoon shows that “blame the capitalists” for Communism is both a very old game, and one that’s been adequately overt to be recognized by the larger population.

In the death spiral of any democratic society that’s been toppled by whatever combination of vote fraud and menticide (killing of the mind,) the best indoctrinated of Commies will be all too eager to place blame of they very destruction they helped arrange, on “capitalism.” However clever their self indulgent and malicious game of gaslighting, it’s certainly not reflective of any fresh and new revelations of the Marxist brain.

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