USAA Bends to Advertiser Intimidation Tactics

May 24, 2017
Occupy Democrate Parody

A high-service Insurance and Financial Services provider, USAA originally began as an exclusive provider to active and retired military and their families.  They have long enjoyed a reputation for superior service and customer care.

Today it seems they gladly betrayed the sensibilities of their larger customer base to appease Alinskyite Marxists engaging in their latest campaign to obstruct an investigation and silence one of few voices offering attention to a murder and DC law enforcement coverup in the case of Seth Rich.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.36.32 PM
Still no answer to my reply by USAA

Some will argue that Seth Rich’s family’s “cease and desist” letter to Sean Hannity is a sacred wish tendered by a still grieving family.  But we all know that there’s an unusual pattern where families in high profile cases are all too eager to pass on autopsy and any other followup investigation and we’re left to do some guessing at the possible reasons.

First I’ll say I agree that the Seth’s family has suffered an unimaginable loss and deserve both compassion and sympathy.  But whether someone ultimately got to them or whether they are otherwise too closely connected with the other Democrat perpetrators, they certainly have no authority to suppress coverage, much less for the obstruction of justice in a case that is by no means legitimately “closed.”

seth rich aka russia

Whereas all the perpetrators and hoards of useful idiots in the #RESIST movement embrace every drip of baseless #RUSSIANHACKING and whatever other #LIBTARDCONSPIRACYTHEORIES are running 24/7 as part of #MEDIAJIHAD, they sure are quick to dismiss the clear facts of the Seth Rich case that all point in one direction.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 12.02.02 PM media jihad against trump
What we do know is:

1. Evidence proves Seth was in contact with Wikileaks
2. Wikileaks offered a reward to find the perp in this murder case.
3. DC police actively suppressed investigation after dismissing it as a “botched burglary” in spite of all evidence pointing to a professional political assassination.

The tactic to intimidate advertisers is nothing new for the Marxist leftists.  What is unfortunate is companies like USAA are playing along, and ultimately encouraging more.

Clearly they haven’t adequately taken into account their own base.  The Marxists they are pleasing are far more likely to ride on a Progressive policy.  And USAA should be glad for that since they are also in set that far more likely to make both real and fraudulent claims against whomever their carriers.

What’s more is their own conservative base of policy holders may not be as quick to rethink their insurance choices, but those that do vote with their checkbooks, will likely be very hard to win back.  What’s more, even customer that don’t more will become “pissed off” customers, and that’s really not what any sensible insurance provider apart from Progressive would want.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.37.41 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.56.15 AM

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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