Media Message Control: A Tale of Two Church Shootings

October 5, 2017
Update October 7, 2017



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Remember how much attention  the vile little child that walked sat amongst parishioners in a predominantly “black” Church, before he expressed his mental problems on those innocents?  The Media went rightfully featured it and even spawned a campaign of animosity for the Confederate Flag that would, from that day, be eternally smeared as the “symbol of racism” along with that ugly “history of slavery.”


Prior to that, the Confederate Flag was a minor “final FU” to the notion that States could never question their subservience to whatever the “Union” became.  Popular TV shows like Dukes of Hazard brandished it on cars and other props.   Not to insult a race nor the United States as a country, but as a connection to an identity and residual pride of any number of Southern States.

Well, today we have a new story.  A “black” man enters a predominantly White church with the intention of mass murder of those in a race he’s been programmed to hate.  Eight long years of Obama’s divisive rhetoric and politics reinforced much earlier training to go from “well you can’t complain about what you don’t work for” attitudes replaced by Saul Alinsky’s “yes we can!”

Now every dollar not held, every material lust unfulfilled is believed to be a matter of having it “taken away” by some ominous enemy.  What was once “the man” became “the white man” with the advent of “white privilege.”

white privilege dishonest and stupid

Were Hillary Clinton’s college days idol and mentor Saul Alinsky still alive, he’d be impressed at the results.

Now if this story of black rage turned violent seems a bit unfamiliar, that’s very much by design.  This past Presidential Campaign made clear the true mission of the Main Stream Media.  They are there to guide and direct opinion and only in one steadily leftward direction.

Why would a church shooting be ignored by MSM when it provides an opportunity to get a head start on all that Gun Control rhetoric since fueled by the worst mass shooting event in modern US History?

To answer that, we’d have to look at the details.  First.  It’s a racially motivated attack, an ordinary “big plus” for being “newsworthy” but the shooter and victims are misaligned against the bigger and ongoing MSM message of “racism by whites.” 

Secondly, the shooting resulted in ONE death and not many!  Well it wasn’t planned that way.  This would be mass shooting became a single murder as a result of a privately held gun by a good American with a conceal carry permit.  

So as you can see the intended racial message got flipped, and to make things so much worse for the mind control agents of MSM, gun rights saved many more lives than were lost by the perp’s illegal gun.

And so now you know exactly why you are quite possibly hearing the details of this story for the first time.  And in the words of the late Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest…” of it.

^^An excellent summation from Mark Dice’s YouTube has apparently been removed by the thought control division of Google.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 10.51.04 AM
If ever there was doubt of a #MSM coverup, Google’s action to censor Mark Dice’s excellent summation on the topic puts it to rest.

While we wait to see if it reappears I’ll offer this adequate alternative that hasn’t YET been removed.

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