The Left Celebrate Only “Legitimate” Privilege

May 22, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Isn’t it interesting how leftists smear every legitimate self made success as “privilege,” “greed,” and “social injustice” while many of the same hacks get weak kneed for “royalty” and the spectacle of the royal indulgences.

royal wedding harry obama

While individuals that realize success by boring “hard work” and “innovation” will be dismissed if not shunned as part of the whole “greed” problem, it’s obvious that the left and their well trained proles are comfortably able to adore a certain variety of super rich.  These are the the “legitimately” privileged, born more of that caste system aristocracy, that also makes room to include successful despots and Hollywood elites, along with the Soros and Rothschild types of the top .0001% who get “a pass” and even praise by even the most ardent of contemporary Communists.

royal wedding harry

And of course the “Royal Family” and their Hobbit Prince Harry have been showered with extra bonus adoration by the left for the new royalty that the left accept as a “POC,” now officially enrolled in the one truly acceptable form of “privilege,” namely the life of a “royal.”

clooney at royal wedding harry
No Royal Wedding is complete without the Hollywood LibTwits that routinely lecture the common folks about how they have to live with and on less.

I personally feel the time for “caring about royal weddings” ended about 250 years ago and so I’ll end with that.

royal weddings stopped caring 1776
©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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