Leftists Feign Love of Military Draft to Attack Trump

July 9, 2018
Updated January 17, 2021

ODP Staff

It seems all the favorite values of the left are swiftly brushed aside when it offers an opportunity to attack Donald Trump.  Before now, you hardly ever heard a peep about the left concerning a supposed “obligation to serve” via a military draft.

And some of their best known “heroes” took draft dodging to such levels as to require a Presidential Pardon to avoid criminal indictment.

uniform draft dodge felon criminal bill clinton pardon by carter 77
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 10.18.02 AM

But enough about “the past!”  We should all focus only on the legal action Trump took to legitimately “dodge” the draft.  And we should all know how important it is for the hard-left to have a real “man in uniform…”

presidents in uniform copy

to guide America’s “corpse-men” into whichever battle.  And of course the most courageous of Democrat men proudly show their face every day after making false claims, like the infamous “Danang Dickhead” Blumenthal

corpse-men-motivator obama military draft

And suddenly the idea of a draft has become popular with the modern “liberals” that adopt every possible illiberal ideal that’s even come to include the inane notion of “drafting our daughters” to go fight “big bad Putin” as a cure for “Russian bigotry.”

draft daughters hillary advertisement

And it would be unfair to grade Hillary on her husband’s reputation in spite of the obvious manner in which she ran the Clinton White House to achieve her own criminal goals and aspirations while Bill was busy handling cigars in the Oval Office with childish subordinate interns like Monica Lewinsky.

Clearly she should be graded on her own stellar “reputation” and amazing “temperament.”

FB_IMG_1477190031096 uniform evil dress code

And nobody could ever accuse her of shying away from a good conflict.

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Hopefully this quote isn’t real.
Real men and vets recognize Trump as the greatest President in our lifetime.
The incredibly inane Fugelsang rang all the #LIBTARDBELLS at once with this absurd Tweet

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