The Leftist’s True Feelings on Free Speech

August 2, 2018
Updated August 7, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

Most of us remember the old Berkeley hippy’s attitudes on speech that would have them routinely recite sensible words like:

“I may not agree with you, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it!”

During those early years of America’s left, children were still taught and themselves might recite rhymes like:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!”

My own understanding of these concepts didn’t really begin to sink in for me until the 2nd grade.  I still have a memory of a playground in 1st grade when I overheard classmates privately calling our teacher “a dummy,” and my feeling of duty to report the offending speech to that same teacher.  I apparently interrupted her conversation with another teacher to perform my “heroic duty” to announce, “Mrs. Smith, they called you a dummy!” with my finger sharply pointing towards those other “guilty” kids.

Somehow even at a young age, I was able to detect that “Mrs. Smith,” (I’m not certain I remember her name correctly) really had not much cared for nor truly recognized the heroic nature of my tattling.  So the first step in realizing a bigger picture was taking place in the formation of my future character.

It didn’t take much longer for me to start to come to terms with that old “sticks and stones” adage and the wild notion that people should be able to say most whatever they like, and also endure some “saying whatever they like” from others.

While I was coming to embrace a maturity of understanding concerning how speech works, the infiltrating leftists were busy exploiting the free speech they claimed for themselves to establish a new set of popular beliefs and understandings on on off of schoolyards.


The word bullying originally meant or at least implied pushing, shoving, threatening and otherwise imposing a forceful presence over a victim.  I recall in the 2nd grade having to find new routes for my increasingly long walk home from school to avoid one “Kirk.” For whatever unspecified reason had made a daily announcement of a plan to exert physical violence against me right after school.  Apart from being an apparent troubled child, I never had nor even gave much thought to what his problem was with me.

Apart from feeling the stress of a kind of hunted prey at the end of each day, I managed to avoid any of they physical harm that might have accompanied the emotional torment.

An older sister shared a story of her own heroics at her Catholic middle school where an older brother (a couple years shy of her in years) was suffering some bullying by a larger classmate.  This fellow had grabbed my brother’s backpack and tossed it into mud.

Good ol’ big sis came to the scene and announced to the perp that he would wipe clean and hand the pack back to her brother.  “Yeah? Who’s gonna’ make me?” inquired the bully.  “Me!” answered big sis. “You and what army?” The bully then literally swung at the middle school aged girl.  Big sis then instinctively responded with “the army” of one by grabbing the larger bully boy by the hair and aiming his head downward.

The bully boy was so infuriated that he was literally punching the ground while she held him locked into a downward bent position.  Ultimately the rather one-sided battle caught attention of surrounding grownups.  Nuns were apparently not sure what to do and a male PE teacher finally demanded and end to this particular extracurricular Physical Education.

“He’s all yours” big sis announced as she basically handed him to the coach.  Now there was a brief followup interaction during the following day, but basically that particular bully was neutralized and no new actions were ever initiated by said bully against the brother.

The next day’s events are, perhaps, the most entertaining part of the story.  A peer of the bully challenged my sister with some strong words, though.  “I hear you got whooped real good!”  Big sis responded with just the right amount of sarcasm… “Do I look whooped?”

The reputation as “tough girl on campus” carried on, and some months later another young gentleman lobbed a followup insult… “You’re a bitch!”  Big sis returned the insult: “You’re the bitch!” This initiated an amazing comedy of its own.

Apparently the boy reported sister’s comment to the school authorities!  My sister learned a rather hilarious lesson once called in front of the school Principal on the “matter.”  Apparently calling names wasn’t as much the “issue” as her having called a boy “a bitch!”

But again the actual underlying bullying problem was resolved by sister’s own “resolve.”  And, as with most stories of bullying, they are best handled in realtime by peers rather than waiting for some followup by whatever “authorities.”


“Words matter” is a slogan used at a nieces private Communist infested Private “Catholic” High School.  This was an apparent expression of defiance by a friend-of-Hillary principal that was using this inane language in a meeting with parents.  The parent involved responded to it with “Well, actions matter more!”  This left a bewildered and flustered school authority momentarily speechless and so in an amazing display of “passive aggressive” the new official “slogan” was born in the form of a banner hanging over the asylum (er… I meant “school!”)

Of course the meaning of words should matter.  Some of us understand that when words are used to mean “everything” they really start to mean very little.

11011886_10153172229581171_7781013117348766141_n feminism rape

And “bullying” is among the words so horribly abused by leftists, it’s also coming to mean very little.  Hard-left anti-family NGO’s like “GLSEN” partner up with agencies like AdCouncil to promote wildly absurd notions that conflate any utterance of traditional notions as “bullying” against a “protected class” of prematurely “gay” children.

So depending on the “names” being “called,” name calling is now counted in with “bullying.”  Of course you won’t see any parents called in for indoctrinated leftist children calling everyone they don’t like “privileged, racist, NAZI, homophobes,” etc.  So like most games of the left, they are played in a very one-sided fashion.

And in the world of “grownups” the many decades of indoctrination has taken hold.  “Freedom of Press,” means special privileges for #BIGSPEECH.  Inane children cry and whine and even call for the barring any individual’s speech that challenges the corporate sponsored full time #LIARSOFTHELEFT like CNN and MSNBC!


Well, that didn’t take long.  Since the time of my last installment here, the desperate #DEEPSTATE has deployed the full might of their crony capitalist accomplices to annihilate Alex Jones on all Social Media.  Even Apple is in on the action, along with FaceBook, Spotify, and others.  Amazingly the LEFTIES are still uncorking champaign bottles while others call for taking things to the next level!

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy calls for MORE censorship

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 2.34.35 PM
Some angry unhinged of the #HARDLEFT cannot be appeased by mere #CENSORSHIP.

(to be continued…)

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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