What About #Whataboutism?

August 27, 2018
Updated April 28, 2021

ODP Staff

Whereas so-called “whataboutism” isn’t part of any argument theory we recognize, much less support, it’s basically the left’s favorite fire alarm.  In the room where they’re building their big case against whichever political opponent, they race for the nearest activator to sound the bells upon the first whiff of smoke from their own burning hypocrisy.

hired fired jeong nytimes liarsoftheleft racistdems sjw antiwhite

It should be understandable that liberals might not want to discuss fairness, even application of laws and rules based on recent history and precedents. And so anything that shines light on the steaming corpses of the Democrat corruption piled high in every other room and closet of their ideological house will trigger swift action.  And too many have already come to realize that, were it not for their double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all!  It should surprise nobody that they’re rather protective of them.

hillary card whataboutism
Sample of a #LIBTARDMEME that often accompanies the #WHATABOUTISM deflection tactics of the left.

If whataboutism deserves mention in argument theory, it should be included among whatever other subcategories of deflection tactics might be enumerated.  And certainly its deployment should be expected whenever we’re lucky enough to witness a leftist that makes even a marginal attempt to engage an opponent in in any sort of debate.

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody


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