Some Interesting Examples of What The Left and Their Accomplices at Facebook Call “Hate Speech.”

January 19, 2019
Updated January 23, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

One of our admins was literally sent to a 30 day sentence of what’s become known as “Facebook Jail” for this reply to an unhinged lunatic’s libelous projection of “NAZI!” as part of a desperate online tantrum for having lost a debate.

With the above absurd abuse by Facebook’s SJW staff, great caution was used in a similar exchange just over 30 days later.

This was a response to a one word “NAZI!” insult lobbed by a desperate leftist that was badly embarrassed by his own poor performance in an exchange in a debate group. Apparently it’s OK to lob “NAZI” insults as long as they are lobbed ironically at a Libertarian. But a Pee Wee Herman “I know you are but what am I” response is a “violation!”

And amazingly, the above “You’ve already introduced yourself!” earned another 30 days as a special Christmas Eve gift from that jolly old elf Mark Zuckerberg.

Here are some other examples of “violations” of the selectively enforced and ambiguous “Community Standards” on the personal webpage previously known as “platform.”

Apparently some leftist SJW on Facebook’s staff already registered this MEME as so-called “hate speech,” so after a leftist tapped out, I realized what day it was and simply offered a parting salute with “Well, have a nice Hump Day!” with the accompanying MEME. Boom! 30 Days in Facebook jai!

This one boldly takes on the anti-American subversion rotting the soul of America under the brand of the Marxist Clown Colors. Obviusly that’s a sacred cow to the left too!

And most recently…

“Hate speech” my ass! It’s actually “anti-crime” speech.

It’s interesting that “illegal aliens” are now a “protected group” that cannot be criticized without having the censors at Facebook come after you.

Apparently it’s not quite enough for the crony capitalists that run social media monopolies to play a major role in rigging elections, but they now believe it their sacred duty to the Communists they aid and abet, to rig every single conversation.

Just imagine if one of these creeps got hold of a major cell carrier. We might get our cell service suspended for calling the “wrong” kind of friends or saying the “wrong things” in a phone call!

Crony Capitalists that run personal webpages formerly known as “platforms” aren’t satisfied with rigging elections, they literally need to rig every conversation to make things even more “fair” for leftist with no arguments.
All the contemporary bigmouths of the left clap like seals to every bit of censorship to silence voices of whatever speech they hate to hear.
And the whole private company arguments fall apart when you see the politicians working closely and in collusion with crony capitalists that monopolize all communication on the internet.

More recently a response to inane comments on ODP was REMOVED after having apparently been reported by some moronic troll. Even after submitting for review, the above factual statement remains smeared by the dishonest liars within the halls of Facebook as “hate speech.”

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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