Few Activities Can Create Exciting Times Like “Misgendering”

April 8, 2019
Updated December 18, 2029
Occupy Democrats Parody

We are reminded of the importance of “Gender Studies” by the rather serious situations that can develop and quickly escalate for having missed as much as a single lesson in this brave new discipline of study.

Some #LIBTWITS on the TWITTER are generously offering friends Gender Studies “education” on what appears to be a pro bono basis!

The last thing you’d want to do is send someone out to the field in modern day America without a thorough exploration of the rather unforgiving new etiquette. The slightest failing in this grace can have rather immediate and explosive results.

Gone are the days when our greatest social error might be in mistaking a wife for a mother, or asking a lady with a bit of bulge in the belly when she’s “due.” Those minor errors are all “small potatoes” compared to making a bad guess about a man or woman’s current state of mind with respect to their chosen gender.

Note that you probably still shouldn’t ask about due dates unless you’ve already confirmed that the round belly is a pregnancy symptom. And, given what we’ve learned in the above lessons, it would be best to not ever ask any follow-up questions like, “is it a boy or a girl!”

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody


Seems the teacher of “Gender Studies Etiquette” also demonstrates the danger with her own hot reaction to any challenging questions. Failing the first test is so “2015!”

Psychology is an imperfect science, but there’s absolutely NONE that suggests that affirming delusions is helpful to the mentally ill, and there’s nothing in the Constitution that suggests we should fine $250,000.00 to those who make the wrong “guess” at whichever of the 31 flavors of “gender” some screwball “identifies” with at any given moment.

Obviously Breitbart called this one correctly in their 2015 article! It has since become the official law of NYC.


As with most problems created by leftism, science and technology can be heavily relied upon to offer solution.

At least we can all agree that the machine doesn’t lie!
Machines have great difficulty with lies about lies…

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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