Climate Hoaxers Impose Chicken Little Alarmism on Chicken Chokers

September 19, 2019
December 4, 2020
Occupy Democrats Parody

The favorite and most revered traditions of the left are now subject to special scrutiny over climate hysteria. One of the Internet’s primary purveyors of dirty porn have abandoned their former reputation for comparatively high standards to embrace and kiss the disgusting pig of Global Warming alarmism.

Returning customers are warned of the importance of conserving energy while expending energy!

As one fan observes…

Nothing is sacred! Even the purveyors of dirty porn are working in cahoots with the climate hoaxers to discourage their heavy breathers from emitting CO2 while spilling seeds!

Anonymous Youporn Enthusiast

Prior to this I had assumed that there might have been some separation between these two denominations of the Democrat religion, but now we know for certain that the leftists will miss no opportunity to marry what previously seemed like two very different kinds of “Global Warming,” namely porn and “Climate Change.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear that each and every of the left’s many fetishes tie together in interesting and unexpected ways.

And clearly they know how to connect their favorite Stormy Daniels to other forms of “stormy weather.”

Youporn is also the entertainment site where Stormy can be observed performing various acts claimed to have been outside her repertoire of on-camera performances.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody


Please whack responsibly!


Apparently CNN’s commentator Toobin was so bent out of shape by this Fear Porn, he had to switch from YouPorn to Zoom for his own daily delights!

The undisputed champion of the meat beating meeting, corporate media’s “rising star,” Toobin disrupts a press manipulator Zoom meeting in an apparent protest of the Climate Hoaxer’s hijacking of more conventional “outlets.” – Simulated Image.

One thought on “Climate Hoaxers Impose Chicken Little Alarmism on Chicken Chokers”

  1. Great job, YouPorn…

    You just figured-out how to simultaneously turn all of those millions of rock hard PeePees being furiously stroked to their favorite fantasy freak fest… into Jergens-slathered limp noodles, that are summarily snapped back into their owners skid-marked underwear.

    How dare you!

    We all have to already keep one hand on the mouse to quickly skip past the
    * Chubby Chaser Gangbangs (ugggh),
    * BetaMale Toelickers (have some respect for yourself, Boy!),
    * German Scat (some people will eat anything),
    * and a ton of other out-of-focus, crappy camera-angled, amateurish bathroom blow jobs and butt plug action.

    If I wanted to wreck my erection, I’d think of FAT AL Gore, which is precisely what happened when I read your Climate Change/Jackoff advice.

    Thanks, you cock blocking pricks…
    Now Fat Al is in my head ruining my wacktime.

    FUK U, YouPorn…
    I’ll now click over to any one of a million fuk-n-suk dot com(e) websites, and leave you to dream about Fat Al’s oversized ass and undersize WeeWee.

    OH, by the way,

    Liked by 1 person

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