Real Vets Salute Trump

July 17, 2020
ODP Staff

While the party of fakers is busy propping up fake vets, fake indians, fake blacks, fake Mexicans, and all the professional fakers in Hollywood to promote their anti-American messages of complete and utter hatred. And this burning rage against Trump and all who “dared” to support his run for office, and to stand up with Trump against the numerous examples of “accepting results,” that were deployed since America’s big win in November of 2016 burns hotter than ever.

As the desperate Democrats double down on their “top down, bottom up” tactics that combine the terrorism of their contemporary Brown Shirt (“street Democrats,”) of BLM and Antifa, with decisive and planned inaction by police and other authorities, more and more Americans from all walks of life are beginning to realize that “blue wave” amounts to “crime wave.”

Many of the brave men who fought for American freedoms, including some who served the nation in World War II, see very clearly what Trump is and what he represents. One in particular offered up some of his last words in support of that defiant and bold resolve of Trump to stand up for America against the most insidious of enemies foreign and domestic.

Brave marine makes his final stand against the enemies foreign and domestic with praise for our nation and her greatest defender, President Trump.

Of course the fine man we honor for continuing his excellent service to final hours, is not alone in discerning what Trump is to America.

Some of the oldest and wisest men who both served our nation and continue to serve today in their support of America’s sovereignty bring nearly a century of experience to bear when they declare President Trump the “best President in their lifetime.”

Meanwhile, the dishonorable men, like “VetsVoteBlue” and “Lincoln Project” of the quality of “veteran” we’ve come to know either served poorly, faked service, or became turncoats at the end of whatever other quality of “service” in the US Military, promote an opposite point of view.

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