BigTech Election Interference: CIA-Google’s YouTube Shutters both SGT Reports Accounts to Suppress News

October 16, 2020

We had just noticed that SGT Report did their own feature on the recent Seal Team scandal bombshells being covered up by the corporate media.

Attempt to click in showed the infamous black box of doom with an indication that the account associated with the video had been terminated.

This is not the first swipe the Google goons had taken against SGT Report. But previously a subsequent public outcry made the ordeal short lived.

Meanwhile, their recent video that was apparently deemed an account termination magnitude of event is available here.

For those who want to help SGT Reports get their account restored, tweet to @TeamYoutube, and ask your friends to do the same.

Much is riding on this election. If the warm carcass Biden foot-in-door results in dropping in the Kamala payload, the insidious fascists running social media monopolies will have “had their way,” and will all carry on full Communist levels of censorship with the full blessings of the State.

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