Turns Out “Archie Bunker” was Right About Everything.

April 26, 2021
Updated July 31, 2022

All in the Family was among the best sit coms of the 70’s. Whereas it was produced and scripted and performed with the intention of mocking the common sense of the middle class blue collar American, the performance was so excellent, it served as much if not more as a tool of mockery of the left.

And after the passage of four decades, the lead “straw man” character, “Archie Bunker,” has been completely vindicated and validated and otherwise proven absolutely correct about every notion that he portrayed with comedic excellence.

Meanwhile the liberal atheist known best as “meathead,” has been proven an eternal idiot, and the actor, Rob Reiner, has typecast himself into the role both onscreen and his “@robreiner” aka “#nobrainer,” Twitter account.

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If Archie Bunker were real and alive today…

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