The Looter’s Mindset and The Absurd Assumption that “Insured” Makes Looting and Arson “OK”

April 28, 2021
Updated January 22, 2022

Those who cannot create are left to base their pride on what they destroy. The leftists that run or act as apologists for destruction and theft of personal property excuse the worst behaviors imaginable with a presumption that we’re all in “Good hands with Allstate,” and that no amount of arson and looting can’t be easily remedied with a mundane process of just “filing a claim.”

This disgusting attitude of indoctrinated Marxists is often cited by vile BLM and allies that make illegal public statements to glamorize and incite more of this violence against sovereign individuals and the property they built, often over years of sacrifice of a great many of their precious few hours of their lives.

Those who are barely past swinging from trees are readily fooled into believing all money comes from “Obama’s stash,” or grows on trees.

Much as it muddies arguments about “health care,” a childish view about “insurance,” fails on numerous levels. First, even if there an individual elects to invest in the option of trading more of their finite hours worth of earnings to insurance payments, insurance policies rarely cover nor even offer coverage for riots. Second, even if everything were as well insured as the Titanic and a big Lloyds of London was fully prepared to make full payments for a loss, the money comes from somewhere.

BLM Arsonists help the vile global cabal realize their goals of “taking more cars off the road.”

Marxists don’t realize that insurance only serves as a buffer and load distribution mechanism. The value of destroyed property is lost forever from an economy, and insurance that the left is all too happy to presume that everyone else “must have,” and then make wildly naive assumptions that it includes “riot coverage,” doesn’t magically erase the loss. Instead, it raises premiums for all business to maintain their own black ink with the added bonus of a their own profit.

Vile leftist on Twitter wouldn’t understand loss of property until someone ran off with her refrigerator and was denied immediate gratification by an insurance policy that included a Costco shopping spree rider to refill the newest model within moments of it being delivered to her door.

In reality, insurance is a product. It should never be an expectation. Anything someone earns and buys has a value that is equal to some amount of finite hours the same person sacrificed to gain the possession. If a man spends 10 years building something, that an ape destroys in minutes with matches and gasoline, he’s not “getting back” those years. So what is taken is part of his life, and so it amounts to a partial murder. If he was to live to be 70, it amounts to the same as straight up murdering him at 60, but it may actually be worse, because many assets determine future earnings and define the quality of however many years remain.

Of course Marxism is born of spite and jealousy, so we no empathy can be expected from this type for any amount of loss and suffering caused by the vile vermin she glorifies.

The false equation of “a life is worth more than property” is simply false. How many lives of BLM hood rats compare to the value to society of the Mona Lisa? Frankly you could add them all up and still not earn the first dollar of that priceless art’s value since the life of pirates that loot, burn, and murder is actually worth less than zero dollars.

Most of America’s history recognized property as among the most essential of human rights. And we absolutely need to get back to a proper “you loot, we shoot,” attitude or we’ve lost our society.

And as for the rest of us, we should all be empowered to use lethal force to protect our home, car and other assets. If we live in a society where you cannot protect our “shit,” that means, quite simply, that we’re living in a “shit hole.”

©2021 WarOnPress

This vile witch is worse than we might have guessed from her first revealing tweet!
Meanwhile the worst of the Twitter Sewer rationalize their looter’s mindset with nonsense about “BiLLioN DoLLaR cOrPoRaTiOns” that are all too eager to increase the cost of smaller businesses to grow their own monopolies.

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