New York Times: Hate Speech Dressed Up as “Journalism”

June 9, 2021

The New York Times has a long and sordid history of shilling for tyranny and even genocide. When they weren’t busy covering up the Holocaust, they replaced reporting on the even worse horror show of atrocities against Kulaks with Soviet Propaganda for perks, and ultimately received a Pulitzer Prize for their role in aiding and abetting the Holodomor.

As shameful as their history, today’s Times barely makes time for any journalism between their more favorite pastime of fanning the flames of leftist hatred towards America and her “whiteness.” And they couldn’t have assembled a better and more hateful team of just the right sort of POC’s and self loathing “whites,” to do that job.

The vile Mara Gay is just one specimen to spew hateful anti-American rhetoric calling for separating America from “whiteness.”

An equally despicable Sara Jeong impressed the hiring team at America’s most anti-American paper with such disturbing screed that merely sharing this meme featuring her direct quote resulted in a FB Jail sentence of 30 days.

And that’s just a small sample of the reputation she established online, and she proves that “cancel culture” doesn’t apply to the left’s own army of subhuman swine, as long as they keep parroting all their disturbing talking points and promoting white genocide.

Not even the sacred remembrance for the many men who died so that vile lefties could freely spew their hate as “free speech,” is safe from NY Times vile anti-American messaging. On a Friday leading up to a past Memorial Day we were treated to another vile on staff Marxist denouncing the US Military as an expression of “white supremacy!”

Now as hateful and evil the NY Times might be as an organization, they do on occasion still let out useful information.

At one point an opinion writer even refuted the wildly foolish notions about legislating prosperity with a minimum wage.

But a mixture of bad acting and some quality reporting appears to be a long lost tradition at the NY Times, and today’s product is only useful in the original print format as a tool for training dogs and bitches.

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