Facts vs. Coincidence Theory: Hurricane Ian

October 2, 2022

Florida and her Governor were making such a mockery of Democrats both directly, with the offer of free flights to Martha’s Vineyard, and by otherwise running their own State with a defiant competence. The Biden regime’s Build Back Better sadly begun and ends with burning everything down and building nothing. And the shining prosperity Florida defiantly built by promoting freedom, stood tall as a “West Berlin” towards which so many Americans escaped from the stark and bleak “East Berlin” experiences of their “Blue States.”

Just as Florida’s course has become a template for taking back America, another great pre-election storm drops in with record breaking destruction. And while people are still suffering the worst of it, the Left and their corporate media accomplices got busy with the gaslighting. In every Democrat tweet and “news” report, there was much gloating about how this was about some “karma” sent to punish “climate deniers” for their support of Trump, American values and stance against the hoaxers that got busy blaming meat consumption, driving SUV’s and all other of those “selfish” activities of average Americans for every possible event that might be otherwise taken as a “natural disaster,” and “bad luck.”

Sociopathic Leftists get busy adding insult to the injuries of countless Florida residents by declaring the storm “deserved.”

We are all reminded about how eating bugs, paying NWO tax, presently being heavily supplemented with fraudulent “Ukraine Support” funding to dwarf anything that might be earmarked to aid Florida, will all “make the weather better,” and sadly, after decades of indoctrination by mass media, Hollywood and academia, a significant segment of the population is fully prepared to “drop capitalism” to “save the world” from “climate change.”

As much as the wild claims that now dominate the main stream news, classroom course materials and “thinking,” have been completely debunked, as a massive fraud, the same gullible crowd that believes air travel, eating meat, or driving a car will boil off the oceans also will eagerly dismiss the one easily verifiable case of “climate disruption,” caused by (a certain elite set among) mankind.

None of the technology to spin up storms has been kept any sort of real secret beyond illegal NDA’s imposed on those closest to the process. There are countless patents, and among those who first boasted about this new weapon were Lyndon Banes Johnson who was made President by the “intervention,” he apparently knew about in advance (clip of his televised speech is included in the video presentation embedded above.)

The brainless Don Lemon swings and misses on his sad effort to blame Ian on “Climate Change.”

In addition to being blamed for being a normal functioning human being in a modern society, Americans suffer additional insult to their injury by learning the role of “equity” in denying aid to those who lost far more than the scavenger Street Democrats that roam about to seek payoffs for their “job” of casting “Blue Votes.”

Whereas it’s difficult to gather all the information to prove HAARP related weather manipulation in this most recent storm, there were many cases where HAARP signal output was correlated neatly to past storms that were either arranged, exacerbated or otherwise awfully convenient to the global oligarchy and their Deep State accomplices.

What does matter, is that the the tools at the fingertips of the powerful elite have far more to do with weather manipulation than their corporate jets, luxury yachts and luxury estates that run at full throttle while the common victims are asked to sacrifice every last modern convenience and luxury and then to on to sacrifice what most citizens of any country took for granted well over a century before technology gave the average person a standard of living that rivals kings and queens of old.

Just as our daily activities of CO2 making were blamed on the so-called “Wild Fires,” now we’re being told that our every breath is to blame for Florida’s Ian.

The vast majority of so-called “Wild Fires” were actually Democrat Arson inclusive of direct arson performed by boots on the ground. The accomplices in government aided and abetted with wrist slap “Justice” and even catch and release, and in some number of these cases, they went on to set more fires in adjacent towns. More Information can be found here.

And all that we will lose under the “Great Reset” will serve only to make us all slaves to the most powerful of “elites” (as they call themselves,) in the name of “savings” us from our the very CO2 produced with our every last breath.

The recently destroyed “Georgia Guidestones” presented the global oligarchy’s plan for humanity in text that was literally etched in stone inclusive of a new global population cap of just half of one billion. This is what it means whenever you hear “sustainability” mentioned by a politician, and so it should be taken as a direct threat of mass murder followed by NWO Hell.

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