APEC Resurrects Swastika, Gettr Censors Memes

November 27, 2022

What previously appeared to be a high integrity site that respected the American tradition of free speech, has revealed itself to have problems with censorship as well as transparency issues.

A post observing the WEF’s recent resurrection of the Swastika was quietly deleted without any errors nor reason giving.

Attempts to “like” would be immediately reset, and depending on whether using a browser or phone app, repost attempts would present a “post has been deleted” error.

With no step to confirm the post announced “posted” when first deployed by the phone app, a user would assume their posting was successful and move on to other business. Immediately suspicious that this was a case of censorship, the same text was posted again, less the images with no issue. Then the screen shot of the tweet from @WallStreetSilv was tested and posted successfully. Finally the APEC CEO SUMMIT meme that included the original Swastika was tested, and that one is simply auto-deleted by Gettr’s AI assisted algorithm less notice.

Whether we agree with the insidious evil of censorship that’s probably implemented to kowtow to the ironically named Anti-Defamation League, or not, it’s problematic that there’s no transparency and that the deletion of posts is done quietly less any notice to user much less accompanying explanation.

The “failed to post” only presents when attempting to “repost,” so in most cases anyone posting anything that includes this meme or similar will get no notification of the censorship by auto deletion.

We’ll certainly invite Gettr’s executive management to offer their own explanation of what’s happening here in the comments. Meanwhile, it seems that Elon’s Twitter is now operating with greater integrity inclusive of fidelity to principles of American “Free Speech,” than what Gettr has become.

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