Agenda 2030: War on Air Travel

January 22, 2024

Shortly after the crazed Ocasio blabbed about a “bridge to Hawaii” the Fauci Flu hit, and commercial airliners faced the first of a series of challenges. Taken out of context, the numerous crises to follow to be blamed on the apparent incompetence of the likes of Peter “Buttgeist” Buttigieg, who appears to have been selected as “Transportation Secretary” strictly on his extensive personal history of “tunneling” experience.

Democrat Pervert Buttgeist demonstrates demonic abuse of a child acquired by a deviant “partner” in illicit activities and him.

While the WEF self proclaimed “elites” make their intentions increasingly clear, it becomes appropriate to examine the latest in a series of “emergencies” and “crises” against their clearly stated agendas.

None of these coming prohibitions are being kept any sort of secret by the Globalist “elites”

And the elite’s war against airlines hasn’t been any sort of secret since long before the obliteration of some of air travel’s biggest brands, like Pan Am and TWA, both ultimately brought down figuratively and literally by the CIA and accomplices with events like Lockerbie and Flight 800 of their making.

There’s been a long running joke about how severe regulations followed by selective and lesser deregulations made things exceedingly difficult for airliners. “If you want to become a millionaire, start with a billion, and open an airline,” was amongst the more widely circulated of these.

The mass murder by jabs of airline pilots immediately made new headlines concerning an epidemic of pilot deaths. The more corrupt of airline corporations immediately jumped in with their assurances that the 4 pilots that died the same week were “unrelated” to the shots they all just took. Of course their expertise on what did not cause the deaths and illnesses of many more pilots stops at offering an alternative explanation.

Pilot clearly states concerns over the mass “vaccination” of pilots

And whereas the Agenda 2030 objectives clearly don’t offer any Hawaii trips to any of humanity outside of their group of “elites,” those few pilots that rejected mandates, or otherwise avoided the murder jabs, are now finding work for the murderers for their private jets.

Ultimately it’s just another facet of the war against humanity being run by the WEF and their accomplices to bring about the horror of mass murder for most, and enslavement of whatever humanity remains, while the self anointed “elites” retain complete power, control, and extremes of every luxury denied to their subjects.

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