The Left’s Fickle Relationship with “Black Face.”

September 26, 2018
Updated October 19, 2019

Occupy Democrats Parody

An old tradition of “blacks” being portrayed by “whites” has been vehemently shunned by the left. With this intolerance masked as “racial sensitivity,” volumes of old fashioned comedy have been effectively erased from  history by the banning of countless volumes of comedy that featured the racial equivalent of “cross dressing.”

Whereas the left typically forgives “cross-racing” in an opposite direction, some have become so ingrained with Cultural Marxism as to take offense even to harmless and goofy “white face” fun like “White Chicks.”


Whereas hypocrisy is expected whenever dealing with the narcissists of the left, what is surprising is the degree to which those who would be wildly triggered by old school “black face,” and who whine incessantly about even more absurd concerns like so-called “cultural appropriation,” react with a collective “meh” on the Dolezals and Shaun Kings.  Apparently the modern phenomenon of “whites” who assume important positions and even leadership roles in “black” movements, in the new “blackface” isn’t so “outrageous” because they’re otherwise “good leftists.”

FB_IMG_1481121075962 black actors dolezal

I’m sure there’s more to it all, and let’s discuss the “more” in the comments!

Meanwhile on the CNN:

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Original #LIBTWIT Kirsten Powers TWEET!

And of course NBC (Nothing But Crap) added injury to insult by FIRING Megyn Kelly after humiliating her with a forced apology!

Apparently Jimmy Kimmel gets a special pass:

But to be fair, Kramer did an accidental “black face” after he falls asleep at the tanning salon ahead of meeting a new lady friend’s family for the first time  in the hilarious “The Wife” episode of Seinfeld.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 10.58.44 PM


We’ve since observed some new lunacy by the left on this big hot button subject that dominates “thoughts” in Democrat heads.

After a collective yawn by the left on Governor Doctor Northam for his public endorsement of infanticide, he was about to get hit where it might turn even the worst of his accomplices against him. As much as I’ve come to know about Democrats, even I am surprised to learn that a little “blackface” would spark far more outrage with leftists than the slaughter of new born babies could ever hope to achieve.

Some of his former classmates that have souls were so bewildered by his pro infanticide remarks they took the initiative of sharing some stories supported with yearbook evidence of Northam in traditional DemoKKKrat costume.

At first he apologized but then later, apparently with guidance from his angry wife, who apparently has become accustomed to the perks of marriage to a Governor, determined that this wasn’t actually him. This reversal proves an evolution from his original reputation as “Coonman” as he was called in school, to conman.

Of course no Democrat con is complete without the Democrat run media to do their part. Here’s where CNN reinvented this life long party man as “a Republican.”

Shortly after we’ve learned from the left everything we need to know about Democrat priorities, and how infanticide is just “a choice,” but that a choice of wearing traditional Democrat costume is grounds for a mass hysteria of moral outrage, another lunatic steps things up a notch.

One Marxist Gender Studies Professor, Dan Pollack-Pelzner suggests Mary Poppins should be banned for “Shameful Flirting with Blackface.” His hyphenated last name indicates he’s a survivor and product of liberal parenting, but obviously the harm of his influence on fresh batches of mushy minded children should have us more concerned than his own personal history of problems.

The scene being defamed by this problem child, is the one where Mary Poppins playfully smudges her face with some chimney soot to join the unwashed cast of chimney sweeps in a playful dance.

In a feeble attempt to validate his untenable position, he takes up an alliance with an even more absurd propagandist for the British “Independent.” And of course there is no cartoon character better than British Twit, Victoria Anderson, to make Dan’s absurd cries of “racism,” seem only modestly insane by comparison.

Clearly the left has gone beyond what might even be described in rational terms. But a rational response will be essential to our survival. With that in mind let’s finish up with a call to action.

Any parent that paid tuition to the college that hosts this parasite should sue for a full refund after graduation day. With the help of these Marxists that have infiltrated our colleges, whatever is commonly accepted as wildly absurd by the many will become the sacred cow of 5 years from now. And any that dare raise an eyebrow in the face of such madness will be guilty of “face crime.”

If the sensible among us don’t start fighting back like we mean it, we’re going to condemn our children to a hell of political correctness that might just defy our own worst imagination of what that might be.

And however oppressive the standards imposed, they will never apply to the Democrats that do the oppressing:

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