A Secular Argument against “Gay Marriage”

First Published February 16, 2014
Updated October 6, 2022
by League of Men Voters and ODP

The treatment of “gays” has been highly variable throughout all of the Earth’s rich and diverse written history. There has NEVER been ANY society EVER to regard same gender pairs as “married”… not even the Greeks*.

Marriage has always been a societal institution mindful of and critical to the upbringing and safeguarding of children. Those that claim the Fabian Socialist movement exploiting homosexuality is not trying to “redefine” marriage lost that bet when they literally petitioned dictionary dot com to … (drum roll) “redefine marriage”.

Same gender pairs had long been able to play house and enjoy their lifestyle under the umbrella of American freedom with some support from some community members. I was among those that supported the notion of “civil unions” to offer same gender couples more recognition and realization of some of the legal protections afforded more ordinary couples and families.

I now realize that was a mistake and I was tricked by a great lie.

Child molest laws have LONG included molestation that didn’t involve physical touching and manipulation of impressionable and vulnerable kids before they had their chance to develop their own adult sexuality.

So discussing things of an overtly sexual nature with kids and putting such thoughts in their heads has long been taboo.

Now as a direct result of the absurdly named “marriage equality” movement, LGTB villains are given access to rot minds of kids all the way down to Kindergarten.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 4.47.04 PM.png

And THIS is where I have the problem with the mainstreamed lunacy that might otherwise seem “harmless” and “compassionate”.

Kids deserve an opportunity to develop a sense of value around the concepts of “mommy” and “daddy” and promoting deviant sexuality years before it’s even appropriate for them to learn the more ordinary “birds and bees” story is damaging, disgusting and inexcusable.

Now we have what can only be counted as fascism with families being fined and forced out of business for the audacity of an ordinary common sense understanding and natural aversion to the sodomy and overt vulgarity by the in-your-face “pride” bullies.

New World Order, Epperson, published January 1, 1990 and predicts “gay marriage” as part of a larger plan to phase out marriage and family units.

Ultimately nobody at all wins as, here revealed by a former KGB, the vulgarity will be swiftly cut in a “normalization” phase once the vile oligarchs achieve their objectives of a one world government that will ultimately be managed under the tight grip of a somewhat modified AWG compliant Sharia Law that, while all dance in drunken delight of what’s offered by Obama’s left hand (Fabian Socialism) will be soon taken and thrown from roof tops by the ISIS (Obama’s Brotherhood) teams funded, trained and directed by the same demagogue’s right hand.

Generous sharing encouraged less edits and with notice intact.

*Since this writing some have argued that “gay marriage” was in the mix of the Greek’s deviant culture.  Whereas the assertions made in my arguments hardly stand or fall on the settling of this minor argument, this disclaimer has been added for the sake of accuracy.

©2014-2021 Occupy Democrats Parody and League of Men Voters

#FeedTheLawyuhs is the most intriguing of #GayMarriageArguments I’ve yet seen. I personally see a more litigious society and more burden placed on publicly funded courts as a downside.

At least there are still a few feminists that appear to know what a woman is, and that marriage is strictly an arrangement between man and one or more women.

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