Marxism: America’s Stage 4 Cancer

February 28, 2017
Updated June 15, 2018
ODP Staff

Near every American liberal will sigh and roll their eyes at the mere mention of “Marxism.”  They have all been as well conditioned to dismiss the thought of Marxist influence as they are to embrace all of the very old ideas of Karl Marx along with the version 2.0 of Marxism owed to more contemporary voices like Marcuse.

Marxism is just poorly formed opinion and indoctrination, but Marxist activism is literally plotting for the disruption of free men, women and children’s lives… for the looting of their savings, invasion of their home, smashing of lives, and then there’s the inevitable arson and murder.

It is NOT lawful to plot such crimes.  Therefore Marxist activists are criminals even before they smash down the first door, block a freeway, or burn down a city.

The worst aspect of what amounts to a rapidly spreading cancer in the body of America, is the patient hasn’t begun to understand the diagnosis.  Without the patient becoming aware, reluctance to accept treatment is only to be expected.

communist chuck kandler opposed to occupancy tax by landlords and productivity tax by capitalists

I still vividly remember how my own parents were approached in the late 60’s by public school teachers that were so proud of their “mission” that they’d openly brag about their plan to exploit their access to children in public schools as a means of spreading their beloved Marxist values.

Throughout my own public education it I observed how that worked personally.

Capitalism and Communism were treated as equal but different approaches to government.  Capitalism however was left out of discussion with the pretense that we “live in a Capitalist country” and therefore presumed to know enough about that.  So with that excuse, every bit of focus and attention was spent on describing the merits of the “alternative.”

Christian students are singled out for ridicule by abusive teachers.  My elder sister attended Saratoga High School (Saratoga, California) where she observed atrocious behavior from a teacher she had greatly admired until he engaged in what can only be counted as child abuse.

A self-identified Christian was asked by Dr. (teacher’s name removed) to explain herself and her religious views.  Whereas my sister already had her own religious perspective eroded by the secular humanist dogma she’d been fed at the same school, she remembers feeling increasingly uncomfortable with what she observed.

Each question asked by Dr. (teachers’ name removed) were met with what my sister later came to recognize as confident and thoughtful answers.  Each of these were met with the teacher’s sneering mockery and he even encourage the rest of the class to join him in laughter.

So eye-opening this experience my sister, who was never previously confrontational, and originally the teacher’s greatest admirer approached him later to express that she thought that what he did was wrong.

Whereas this is just one sample of countless untold stories, a pattern of attack on Christian values is reinforced by school administrators and school boards that bar students from carrying a Bible to school.   And as expressed well enough in the above presentation is all part of a larger attack against the whole of functional societal values that are essential to preserving the middle class America the Marxists openly plot to destroy not by direct revolution, but by creeping Fabian Socialism.


Since then multiple generations have graduated public schooling without ever receiving any explanation of the rationale or core principles of freedom nor free enterprise.  And the foundation is set for the Marxist Professors to take over in colleges converted from Higher Learning for the most gifted of K-12 students to what now amounts to a delayed High School level education for all but students left irreversibly behind by countless government failure factories.

Of course the Marxist Professors receive their huge salaries in exchange for robbing parents and/or strapping students with a burden of student debt many will be unable to pay as result of leaving college with little more than indoctrination and a job market savaged by earlier graduates that spend their post-graduation days actively destroying would be job-creators.


University campus once dedicated to open and free discourse, now focus in on delicate emotional needs of deeply indoctrinated students that might experience insufferable emotional damage from the mere mention of ideas that compete with the notions they’ve been spoon fed.  And political activism becomes their duty more than any independent study, homework or time in which they might develop a thought of their own.


No failed education would be complete without a corresponding celebration of mediocrity that even decries “good grammar” as some expression of “oppression” over the less fortunate of American academia’s roll-outs.  So there’s even a Cultural Marxist’s answer to the “oppression” owed to “grammar snobs!”

Now in addition to “oppression” by ideas that misalign with the fresh batch of indoctrinated snowflakes, even an articulate expression of an idea might register as a “micro-aggression” if not outright “bullying!”

And when students strapped with debt for no discernible skills apart from inciting riots before retreating to safe spaces, it’s only expected that the next great new entitlement of “Free Education” as proposed by a self described Socialist like Bernie Sanders.


No child is safe from Marxist indoctrination but obviously this unfortunate 10 year old gets some help at home:

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.47.54 PM
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