Fake News Hacks Talking about “Brains” and “Mental Health?” Irony Defined!

February 25, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

Wow… and they wonder why nobody wants to take MSNBC or CNN seriously? 66% rant by the imbecile Lawrence of Libtardia, and then for some real “discussion” let’s invite two more #LIBTARDS from the other fringes of #FAKENEWS#motherjones AND #buzzfeed no less!

The latest installment of MSNBC’s inane fake news for #MEDIAJIHAD.

MSNBC destroys whatever residual crumb of credibility as the moronic Lawrence of Libtardia rants about Steve Bannon’s wardrobe and clothing choices.  Were that not an adequately Salon-grade of yellow journalism, he goes on to assert that his lack of a tie as a definitive statement of his “absolute power over Trump.”

Of course there’s mention of a parade of leftist psychologists and their “concerns” about Trump’s “mental health” along with a their #MEDIAJIHAD partner CNN style pondering of how Pence could act to remove Trump based on some shrink’s assessment that he’s “unfit” for his command.

After the inane monolog rambles on just past endurance of sober audience, two special needs “experts” from the outer fringes of fake news are invited to fill the room with even more flatulence.

David Corn Washington Bureau Chief for MotherJones and Christopher Dickie of Daily Beast are two peas in a pod in the realm of self indulgent rant-men posing as “journalists.”   With the addition of these two the circle-jerk is made whole as they toss one another baseless compliments while lodging even more baseless accusations against Trump and especially Bannon.

David Corn informs that Bannon’s European trip is not to make nice with Merkel, but to and “Sees Russia as an ally…” (how outrageous!)

While Dickie projects his own arrogance with “Bannon is a terrible snob.”  Strong on slander and devoid of substance he even goes on to project his apparent #SPIRITCOOKING and #PIZZAGATE perversions by smearing Bannon as a “dirty old man” for the big crime of praising the Le Pen family while an “attractive blond” of the same family was standing in the room.

So painful to watch.  Cringe factor 9.8!

(more to come)

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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