LBJ and the New Plantation

March 12, 2017
Updated October 7, 2018
ODP Staff

Lyndon Banes Johnson is held by some in high regard for signing into law new protections afforded “blacks” to reverse harmful and oppressive Democrat policies like Jim Crow.  He’s also credited as the architect of so-called “Great Society” that would prove a far better tool of oppression than any of old America’s handful of Democrat slave owner could have ever imagined possible.

lbj quote niggers voting democrat
Nobody knew about racism quite so well as LBJ and the racist Democrats

Whereas some might dismiss the destructive policies that proved a veritable atomic bomb to the “black” family as “well meaning,” closer examination informs that LBJ and the corrupt forces that helped him ascend to President were not so naive.


The ultimate expansion of poverty that struck “blacks” harder than any other group is owed largely to the cycle set in motion by the punishment of families and encouragement of fatherless homes.

Today we see hoards of absolutely useless young males that were never even given the chance to become men as would have been afforded by the fathers once very much present in the American “black family.”

Whereas racially motivated crimes comes with the territory, other “blacks” bear the greatest burden of worthless pant draggers that know only how to express raw testosterone less any guiding principles that might enable them to function as anything but a constant threat to their neighbors and anyone else that might cross their wanton paths of destruction.

There’s a great body of work and research that demonstrates the difference made by an available father, but the best example might be literally borrowed from “the jungle.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.42.28 PM
Brilliant exploration of the consequences of removing elder Elephants and the immediate change in adolescent male elephant behavior that resulted in murder of rhinoceros.

FULL ARTICLE: In the Absence of Fathers: A Story of Elephants and Men

Of course, in addition to escalations of violence, other horrible failures result from the epidemic of broken homes set in motion by “Great Society.”

And now we literally walk among the adults that grew from “crack babies” that have serious and permanent damage to brain function, along with the hoards of fatherless and severely misguided men now continuing the cycle of despair and eternal dependency.

I recall not long ago that a good “black” friend of mine had, after having gone to watch Hollywood’s fiction based superficially on the legacy of Lincoln, expressed utter shock to learn that Abraham Lincoln was “a Republican.”  The Democrat drones have been so long programmed to associate every expression of “racism” with “conservatism” and specifically the Republican Party that they’d keep feeding at the trough of Democrat bull excrement without needing any fancy story of how the parties magically “switched sides.”

Deeper understanding informs they never have but now play a new more sophisticated game of oppression.  And one that expands the despair and broadens its set of victims while fanning the flames of old fires of racial animosity that was always and remains the heartbeat of the Democratic Party.

fatherless homes provide teen suicide drop outs rapists prison homelessness

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