Environmental “Protection” Agency

March 8, 2017
Updated December 20, 2017

ODP Staff

While there’s been recent controversy surrounding Trump’s early actions to disinfect a severely compromised EPA, very few are familiar with just what happened to and with the EPA in 2009 under Obama’s direction.

The above conversation includes 2nd hand accounts of the veritable raid conducted by Obama to purge all the good scientists and any Christians, and replacement of scientific testing in favor of computer-model based garbage in-garbage-science-out standards.

The EPA already had a rather abysmal record.

Here are their major “accomplishments” to help protect environment and the health of those living in it:

  1. MTBE – Extremely toxic industrial byproduct mixed in with gasoline.  AMA screamed from rooftops while EPA dug in.
  2. Chloramine – A noxious, corrosive agent that leaches lead into drinking water and that otherwise harms health.  Added to water systems in full HASMAT gear.  Any 3rd grade chem or biology student knows you NEVER mix ammonia and chlorine! Not the EPA!
  3. Flint Water Lead Crisis.  Also relates to misuse of chloramine.  Obama appointee Suzan Hedman was fired, but that’s not enough.
  4. Animas River poisoning.

Details on all will follow but for now, lets start with MTBE.


They were responsible for the destruction of whole water systems with MTBE which they decided to add to gasoline as part of an Al Gore agenda.  The highly soluble toxic byproduct was introduced more as a matter of disposal of a seriously toxic and hazardous chemical than to make any gasoline vehicle burn any more efficiently much less more “cleanly.”

Auto manufacturers observed serious problems with cars badly damaged by this corrosive additive marketed in what was called “summer gas.”  What’s more is the AMA was observing serious human health effects and were shouting from rooftops and onto deaf ears of EPA bureaucrats that remained committed to their “oxygenation” program.

After nearly a decade of stubbornness, and with the help of talk radio hosts like Jim Eason, the MTBE “fraud” as he rightfully identified it, was over.

During this long and drawn out battle independent gas stations were forced out of business to the advantage of larger corporations since whole new underground tanks were required to mitigate a disaster of MTBE leaching into water table and ultimately to water systems.

Since it was highly soluble it was not readily removed by filtration, and thus the health related issues, and even a small town was completely abandoned due to this irresponsible EPA driven fuel mandate.

Once that indirect additive to water systems was done, EPA found a new plan to intentionally contaminate drinking water with Chloramine as an extremely irresponsible replacement for a long proven history of chlorination.



Wrapping up a much longer story, the EPA knew full well that:

  1. There are no human health effect studies upon which water consumers can be assured chloramine is safe for anyone.
  2. Many “canary in coal mine” types experience severe and immediate adverse health effects.
  3. Chloramine turns a water line break into an environmental emergency.
  4. It is a poor disinfectant.  So at arbitrarily selected “safe levels” pathogens can and do arrive at the sink end of the water system.
  5. The cancer causing compounds that form by mixing chlorine with organics are replaced by others with chloramine believed to be no less harmful than those chloramine purportedly eliminates.



Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 8.59.11 AM

Susan Hedman remains the only one fired for this Democrat Obama appointee’s role in the #FLINTWATER crisis.   That firing doesn’t go nearly far enough and she should be imprisoned and stripped of any pension.

Of course the Rachel Maddow game of “blame the nearest Republican” is quite a bit more than just dishonest.  The misuse of chloramine in water systems is owed entirely to EPA actions, and it’s known to be highly corrosive and specifically to result in lead leach from pipes.

Most dumb down #MSM viewers never even heard of an earlier lead crisis poisoning kids in D.C.  When a scientist hired by government went to test lead levels there, they were so high, he literally thought his equipment failed.  He returned with all new equipment only to catch even higher readings.

Long story made short, he was fired, the complicit #DEMINFESTED CDC raised the “safe allowable lead” to some obscene level, and the poisoning is continued.  And anyway, whomever might notice a few more extra dumbed down Democrats dragging knuckles about in D.C.?

(more details to follow)


Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.27.32 PM

Full article.

More details here:



Like, for example, Gibson Guitar:


Once the EPA was turned from a guardian of the environment to a militant arm of the hard left ideologues, it became clear that

Once the #DEMINFESTED EPA is restored to original purpose, even their hallways will be cleaner.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 5.01.34 PM

Even the rabid lefty Jimmy Dore knows how vile and corrupt Obama and his cronies are for what they did to Flint

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  1. I also remember how Obama fired all the GENERALS and replaced them with those he thought would tow his line. Something like 14 I think. It’s going to clog a few times , but I hope Trump never stops draining that swamp.

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