The Liberal Lessons of John Dingell

May 10, 2017
ODP Fan Contributed

The Liberal Lessons
As Taught by (Former) Senate Majority Leader

Lesson 96

Collecting revenue is an important component of Liberal Marxist Progressive philosophy where punishing those who have become winners of life’s lottery and are in the possession of an unfair excess is paramount.1

There is literally nothing we will not consider when striving to relieve the peasant masses of their overabundance. By demonizing CO2, we have even found a way to tax the very air that they breathe.

Be aware that the taxation of something has absolutely nothing to do with the funding of any government services or preferred Liberal Marxist Progressive investment initiatives but is, instead, purely for the purpose of the over-riding and fundamental aim of “fairness.”

1 See Lesson 47.

Lesson 47

Fairness is the major driving force in Liberal Progressive Marxist ideology.


If anyone is possessed of a means of defense it is unfair to those who would take his other possessions to be thwarted by said means of defense since it is unfair that those who would take such possessions from others are deprived of possessions of their own and therefore are forced to take the other’s possessions so as to equalize the distribution of possessions in order to be fair.

Liberals alone are the ones with the intelligence and education to determine what is and is not fair1.

1 See Lesson 30.

Lesson 30

To establish control over the peasant class, Liberals must ensure that they are the ones to define what will be controlled.1

To allow toothless rubes to make their own decisions as to what they can eat, drink, buy, smoke, drive, or whatever, is dangerous and must be stopped at all costs.

1 See Lesson 19.

Lesson 19

There is no exaggerating the importance of Liberals and our quest to “fundamentally change” America into a Marxist utopia (Amerika).

The hoi polloi must be made to know who their betters are for, without Liberals, they will never be able to grasp what is good for them.

“The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re passing legislation that will cover 300 million American people in different ways, it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.”

-Congressman John Dingell

dingell gets award from obama
Pretty obvious why the Obamas like Dingell so much!

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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