Bad Medicine: Nursery Water

November 11, 2017
Occupy Democrats Parody

A few years back I had the kids for their “wellness check” at our friendly, nearby pediatrician’s office.

The nice young lady helped with measurements, growth chart, recommended vaccinations and was kind enough to make a recommendation for us to provide our child some Nursery Water.  I set aside a minor twinge of skepticism and ultimately made the purchase from our nearby Safeway.

nurserywater fluoride


The following morning I poured some in a small cup at the table with some ice. But then, my parental reflexes kicked in and I thought I’d at least have a taste since I was a bit worried about the semi-transparent containment Dr. Weil had warned never to use for any milk nor bottled water.

dr weil time cover

As soon as the noxious and vile chemical taste hit my tongue, I rushed to the sink to it out. I then took the cup away from my boy.

I could only describe the taste that lingered on in my mouth even after spitting and rinsing with tap as “hose water, poured into a Michelin tire, and then mounted on a vehicle that had then been driven from Northern to Southern California at high speed on a hot day.”

Not long after, I cringed in horror when I witnessed a family friend literally bottle feeding her infant with a mixture of POWDERED formula (to save money of course) and this noxious Nursery Water.

The first lessons learned: Doctors know what they’re trained to know. And that doesn’t include much about protecting a child’s health much less their pineal gland nor hormonal development.

The net result of using this horrible product is a calcified pineal gland (due to extreme and excessive contamination on purpose of waste-grade fluoride) and the toxicity of the semi-soft plastic bottle that very strongly presents in the obvious odor and taste that registers as estrogen to human physiology.

So, it would seem that if you want your kid to be #BRAINDEAD and experience#GENDERIDENTITY issues, feed them lots of this while they’re young and then switch to #TAPWATER and overuse of #SUNSCREEN will help ensure the results.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.38.33 PM
Obviously many cling desperately to the notion that government agencies are forever pure in their motives. And so these docile subjects will summarily reject any and all information that threatens their optimistic notions. Apparently they are most comfortable believing that anything promoted by government must be beneficial.  And, by extension, that any agency’s public position should be taken without question as absolute and final authority.

For those that are willing to entertain the possibility that government is run by people that are often as self serving as any others, I’d recommend the following exploration on the history of and present day involvements between government and industry as it pertains to following Hitler’s lead with a campaign of mass poisoning by fluoride.

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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