Indoctrination: The New “Higher Learning”

November 16, 2017
Updated August 24, 2019

ODP Staff

An American High School Diploma was once a ticket to an amazing affluence of an American Middle Class standard of living on a single income.  Countless Americans enjoyed luxuries that might have been coveted by kings and queens of past generations.

K-12 successfully taught Science, Advanced Math, Latin, Foreign Languages, College Level English, Music, Art, Vocational Arts, Firearm Safety, and hosted well equipped athletics departments, all without need of having any “bake sale” to cover deficits.

firarm safety guns taught in school

Back then, College was still “higher learning” and so the brainiacs that had potential to become the next generation of doctors, lawyers, scientists and scholars could leverage excellent performance in their “free school” to receive the specialized, focused and advanced training that might help them realize their true potential.

The very best and brightest students were given extra encouragement to join the intellectual elite with merit-based scholarships that allowed my own father (Valedictorian at both his High School and Middle School) to earn his business degree with minor in music at University of Syracuse tuition free.

syracuse univsrsity campus historical

Today rising college tuitions trend way beyond inflation as they have now marketed their “college for everyone” to expand enrollment to include marginal students, many of whom are in way over their heads.  What’s worse is Marxist programs like Affirmative Action results enrolling the least fit students possible to be fodder for the Marxist Professors that are all too eager to indoctrinate the dumbest under the guise of “teaching.”  Of course practical skills that require intelligence are deemphasized and the focus is specialized knowledge in a range of “fields” that all preach their own flavor of “reasons ‘whites’ and especially ‘white men’ and all of the Western Civilization they built are expressions of ‘oppression.'”

Today countless students are strapped with such debt, that the few that do “make it” in their chosen fields are left to slave away while tech institute students ultimately drag home more spending power with whatever is not frittered away in taxation.

This is great news for the elites that reap a double dividend of dumber graduates more likely to vote for freebies, and also new life long enrollees in their to ask for forgiven student loans and even “Free College” to take the next round of indoctrination to the next level.

In spite of the ongoing distractions and interruptions owed to various Marxist pockets of on campus “activism” many get through to receive College degrees, only to find that they’ve become less valuable in an increasingly competitive job market, and some are forced to accept part time McJobs to try to pay back a pile of accumulated student debt for the favor.

education tech school vs employment

Many college graduates now endure insults like “basement dweller” in stark contrast to the Reagan era when the worst insult suffered by young grads of College and High School alike was “yuppie!”

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 9.54.52 AM

Bottom line is a new product in the form of “graduates” emboldened by notions that they’re “educated” while serving as the ultimate set of useful idiots for the next stages of a creeping Fabian Socialist revolution.

Meanwhile the new “free ride” students get their scholarships based solely on demonstrating the more important credential of being among the right “oppressed minorities.”  Most can’t learn any real subject matter, so their academic experience amounts to whatever concessions in grading by the Marxist Professors for demonstrating the “correct opinions” and their various “student groups” that are busy plotting disruption both to any learning done by legitimate students along with off-campus activism which may include the violence of blocked freeways, looting, assault and arson.


Extra staff of course are required to offer counseling services to try to keep certifiable lunatics adequately placated to make it plausible for some legitimate learning to happen elsewhere on campus.

Even the most conservative of schools are plagued with the kind of behavioral problems one would previously have only expected in a Middle School in a marginal neighborhood.  So until this gets sorted out, parents and future college students alike should probably weigh their options carefully.

Meanwhile, until we clean up our nations academic institutinos, Americans are paying for their own demise in tuition and taxes.

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Obviously this one didn’t learn anything about finances nor how minimum payments work!

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