The Forgotten 9/11 Memorial from Russia

January 7, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

There are elements in the U.S. government and media who want to be at war with Russia. I guess we could refer to them as “Globalists” and are, in my estimation, a national disgrace!

teardrop 911 memorial sent to us by russia teardrop

This monument was a gift – an expression of grief – from the people of Russia to the U.S., and officially named, “To the struggle against world terrorism”.

Vladimir Putin was there when construction began and Bill Clinton attended the dedication ceremony in 2006.  Since then, it has been forgotten. I did some research and found that its designer, Zurab Tsereteli – one of Russia’s leading sculptors – went to Ground Zero after the attack.  He was told boats and ferries had shuttled survivors across to New Jersey, where many of the victims had lived.  Yet there’s been near zero media coverage on this?

About 50 million people visit New York every year and more than eight million live there but no one seems to have heard of The Teardrop…which is odd because it is a 100 ft tall, 175-ton memorial to those who died on the city’s blackest day.  Learning of its existence by chance, I tried to discover more from locals at Ground Zero, where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre stood until September 11, 2001, and was met with blank expressions.

The one person who did know was an official guide, but he said “‘I bet 99 percent of New Yorkers haven’t a clue where it is.”

Our search began at the World Trade Centre station, where a train took us to Exchange Place in New Jersey.  From then on, instructions were vague – we had to catch a light-railway tram for eight stops along the Jersey shoreline to 34th Street in Bayonne and ask around.

Eventually someone walked by and kindly offered to call a local taxi firm on his mobile.  He’d never heard of The Teardrop, but luckily the taxi driver had.  He drove us two miles across a wasteland which was once an army base until we came to an isolated quay.  And there, high on a mound, stood the monument – a massive bronze-clad block with a great gash down the middle into which is suspended a 40ft, four-ton shiny nickel teardrop.

‘Nobody ever comes here,’ said the taxi driver.  Indeed, we were the only visitors.

In the far distance were the skyscrapers of Manhattan.  Around the base of The Teardrop were the names of all those who died on 9/11 – including 26 Russians. 

(The above was received via a well circulated email, author unknown.) 

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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