January 8, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Our primary page admin has been blocked from fulfilling the important duties and responsibilities associated with managing a 31,000 plus like Facebook page.  Apparently a dated post from sometime last year caught the attention of an easily triggered SJW on Zucker’s staff.

facebook censored block on dixie chicks post 7 day freeze

The current sentence is 7 days where even basic “like” and messenger features are summarily disabled.  FB will not take phone calls so a visit to the Menlo Park facility may be required in hopes of finding out precisely how a perfectly polite post crossed “funny” into “violation” by whatever narrow margin.

The worst thing is there is no appeals process and no way to even know when the next land mine will be hit for a 30 day “timeout” they’ve queued up for the “next offense.”  It seems entirely possible an old post from prior years could trip the next trap to even more disastrous effect.

An old MEME based on the many months old posts that some FB archeologist dug up as the basis for the absurd 7 day suspension. 

The original concept was a fun meeting place, but when it’s switched on and off for days, weeks, a month or indefinitely, it makes it a rather shaky foundation upon which to build any brand or business.  This major paradigm shift betrays the understanding of countless users that were basically fooled to feeding what is ultimately treated as Zucker’s own personal website.

It’s unfortunate that Facebook doesn’t seem to take their platform as seriously as we have, and our investment in establishing a personal presence along with several brands spans more than a decade.  We will keep you posted on the results of our meeting with the self anointed guardians of “acceptable expression.”

Just submitted this feedback:

“A rather harmless comedic post dug up from months ago serves as a land mine to prevent me from administration of my businesses and personal page that was established more than a decade ago? Seriously? You tell me if YOU think that would be somehow ‘OK.’ I will want to discuss this with someone. I can be at your Menlo Park location tomorrow if that works for someone. Professionals relying on a platform advertised as ‘social media’ cannot be treated as if visitors on Zuckerberg’s personal website!”

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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