Logic vs. Assertiveness

January 18, 2018
Updated August 15, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

Renowned clinical psychologist, Dr. Jordan Peterson demonstrates logic to an assertive and rather belligerent Cathy Newman.  To her credit she maintained amazing composure in the face of an encounter that must have really shaken all the foundations of that deep and thorough indoctrination revealed with each of her emotionally charged reactions.

Ultimately their exchange serves an epic battle of logic vs. assertiveness, and all the feminist’s favorite notions of “gender pay gap” the big “patriarchy” and all those laws that might fix everything down to the “rights” of trannies to “not be offended” collapse under the weight of science based logical arguments.


So triggering is Peterson’s wisdom, that “happily married” feminist women seeking attention from strange men might be prepared to give up their “deep connections” over it.

JORDANPETERSON feminist happily married libtwit

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.12.14 PM

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

5 thoughts on “Logic vs. Assertiveness”

  1. Dr. Jordan Peterson is sayig all the things I wish I could put together as coherently and then say. His accuser aahhh, I mean interegator, shoot I mean the person who is griling him, shoot, Dang! I nean the Host who is running this show is one of them Hrpies we all hear about. nothing seems good enough for her. I am reminded of a very horrible person I once knew who couldn’t take a question or a compliment or anything in the rhelm of social intercourse. You look good today, when do I look BAD, It’s nice to meet you, Normally it isn’t!, and so on. Never able to have a normal conversation and always try to tear them apart to make them a Victim!

    Men have dominated the Business World for Centuries. Women are relatively new in that World. It takes time to changes in things. I look at someone like this Harpie as someone who has just been hired in a Job and after 30 days complains “Why aren’t I the BOSS? I’ve been here 30 whole days.”
    Utt7er ninsence and shows that “Modern” Femanists do NOT wish for equality t all. It’s their desire to Dominate and be on top.

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