We Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of POTUS45 and MAGA with Great News!

January 20, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

Just a year ago Trump was sworn in to represent “We the People” of this great United States.  Before taking time to appreciate all that’s since happened, we offer a quick tribute to all 45 US Presidents.

At the present moment the #LIBTWITS are out getting some exercise while Trump demonstrates that he won’t make deals with Democrat devils on their terms.  And of course the latest #SCHUMERSHUTDOWN underscores Democrat priorities which are as follows;

1. Criminal Foreign Nationals living on US Soil
2. Foreigners living in #SHITHOLES.
3. Other Foreigners
4. Welfare Democrats
5. Working Democrats
6. Good Americans

democratsstanding-up-for-foreigners-fugee-welco-makeameme-org-democrats-standing-up-13362587 schumer shutdown
Some of us recognize the #SCHUMERSHUTDOWN as a ploy to get his top priority addressed, and that is to make countless more Democrat voters by legalizing illegals.  And most of us realize that it would be wildly apart from Trump’s responsibility to We the People to accept such a deal with the devil, and Good Americans know we should #CRUSHDACA because American Kids have dreams too!

Feinstein makes a stupid claim that “people will die!” as a result of the big #SHUTDOWN, but when asked, how she’ll vote, she says: “I don’t know yet!”

Mark Levin points out that the Federal Government does a “shut down” every damn week starting 4pm or so on Friday afternoon.  So any real impact of this shutdown won’t even be realized until Monday rears its ugly head.

face of monday

But anyway the negotiations begin then.  And obviously Democrats suffer more from a shutdown than anyone.  If the government were slowed down long enough, We the People might even begin to realize how much less of government we need in our daily lives.

criminal obama rice democrats corruption memo
BREAKING: Soon there will be a lot fewer devil Democrats that we’d need to consider making deals with… #RELEASETHEMEMO

And since Obama isn’t defining the terms of this particular shutdown, there will be no Federal Agents kicking grandma and grandpa out of any  home they built on “Federal Lands”  nor will people be stopped from honoring family members that gave all to USA in whatever war effort while inviting illegals into the same space to protest against America.

Team MAGA has set up a handy website to keep track of all the rest of the winning America’s enjoyed ever since January 20, 2017!

Seems like an awful lot of winning!  America is rapidly healing with the soothing moisture of liberal tears.  And Trump’s ability to and apparent daily habit of making liberal heads explode amounts to an unspoken campaign promise gloriously fulfilled.  It helps the left bring out their inner lunatic and might help them get the attention they so deserve until we can #FINDTHECURE.


©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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