Liberal Fashion Statements

January 20, 2018
Updated April 3, 2023

ODP Staff

Contemporary  progressive “fashion” is often derived from unexpected archetypes.

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image008 comparisons
image009 comparisons
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image015 comparisons
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image022 comparisons
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image025 comparisons
#LIBTARDFASHION statements obamas garden crap painting
The Duke and Duchess of Retardia

And of course, #FOILHAT and foil lined #VAGINAHAT are all the rage in this years #LIBTARDFASHIONS.


©2018-2019 Occupy Democrats Parody


We hadn’t expected this one to be taken down by the censors at Facebook, and so we had not retained a copy nor records of what has been subjected to their latest takedown.

Recently a nice fellow on our FB page asked us why we care so much about the way people present themselves. From this excellent question was born an interesting conversation:

Bottom line, there’s no greater empathy than to show care and concern over how fellow members of society present themselves.

Behold the authoritarian emos!
From the Antifa Formalwear catalog
DemoQuack Shola Mos-ShogBamimu takes the focus off a ridiculous name by wearing a cup of noodles for hair while spewing hate on TV.

Shithole n. Any home, neighborhood, community, town, city, County, State, territory, nation or world that’s run by Democrats.

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