Twitter Removes Occupy Democrats Parody’s Account With No Warning! (@occdemparody)

May 5, 2018
Updated June 23, 2018
Occupy Democrats Parody

In recent weeks great progress was made in causing liberals to doubt the foundation of their ideological house of cards.  A few announced they would MUTE to prevent any additional light of wisdom from creeping into their dark corners.  Others went off to their #BLOCKEDBYLIBTARD #SAFESPACES.

ODPMEME TWITLER twitter fuhrerous offended

Perhaps my snark struck a raw nerve with one of the bigger names I’d been recently engaging which include some of the more amazing of Twitter sensations:

Stormy Daneils
Emma Gonzales
David Hogg
Eric Holder
Kamala Harris
Ted Lieu
Eric Swallwell

It’s also possible that some didn’t much care for our original musical composition that was generously offered to some of the lesser known #WOMENSMARCH types as something that might help them time their steps at the next big rally!

Whereas we do have some plans to “fight back” against the Evil Empire of Social Media Monopolies that can now so easily extinguish little torches of wisdom whenever they flicker some light into their platforms, nobody at ODP would pretend their attack isn’t a source of frustration and discomfort.

If you have established or might consider establishing your own life on Twitter, please know the risks and follow a few important guidelines.

First, and foremost, do not imclude personal information of ANY kind… family pictures, surname, nor any other identifying details on a Twitter account you might use to articulate opinion that could possibly be found upsetting to the most sensitive of liberals.

Secondly, when you win debates with liberals on Twitter, be certain to take lots of screen shots, since anything posted on Twitters platform is subject to the whims of leftists on their staff.


Fortunately I’ve saved enough to write and publish a book about “Arguing with Liberals on Twitter” and may apply the imposed exile from our 1529 followers on Twitter to attend to that sort of project.

UPDATE 8:00pm

At first an associated PERSONAL ACCOUNT that was created separate, and maintained separately with a separate email address was ALSO oppressed with a #TWITLER #TIMEOUT that was to be 12 hours.  At the end of that I was put through the usual “verify phone number” and key in code exercise that’s become an increasingly prominent aspect of my experience on their platform.  After clearing that, the “continue to Twitter” option was presented.  This little sigh of relief was to be short lived, as I was then treated to ANOTHER “violation” page that specified NO specific “offending” TWEETS, and this time attached to a 7 day ban.

This again on a separate account that TWITLER only linked based on use of the same cell phone number as the ONLY common ingredient between this accounts.

Meanwhile I was about to resume my attention to my previously established account on the “alternate” to Twitter, namely GAB.  I went looking on my phone and couldn’t find the application I had previously installed.  Then I went on to the PLAYSTORE to download it again, and the search came up empty.

Finally I went to the website and downloaded directly.  After hassling with the permissions to use an application NOT from the APP STORE, I completed the installation.  I noticed, however that the app didn’t seem to function correctly and I got repeated “unknown errors.”

Further research yielded a chilling result.  Apparently Google has officially declared GAB verboten and the online statement is rich with smear against GAB, the creator “a Trump supporter” and their “reasoning” is as follows.

“The rules ban threats and child pornography, but unlike other major social networks, it doesn’t ban content that attacks people based on their race, gender, or other protected category. That has made the site popular with people who like to attack people based on their race or ethnicity.” basically GAB allows politically incorrect expressions, and is thereby, as an alternative social media platform, in “violation of” some prevailing LARGER policy as imposed by GOOGLE!

Previously I vocalized complaints about what, to me appeared a “fraud” by major social media monopolies who built their monopoly on the backs of users under what is clearly NOW a false understanding that they serve as “platforms” for connecting to friends as opposed to operating as if some 3rd party’s own “personal webpage.”

A seemingly knowledgeable friend asserted that it IS their own platform and that the ONLY way to solve it is to start your own, or move to a competitor.  As unfair as that seemed to me, I’m NOW learning that this argument can no longer be made, because the same standards are not being IMPOSED on third party platforms with an apparent coup on free speech being performed by CIA-sponsored Google and complicit cell phone providers.

So it’s clear now that the “writing is on the wall.”  And per Google’s own article the creator of Gab’s own webpage has been obstructed by Internet service providers.  So not even individual pages and blogs appear safe from this vile creeping censorship that’s basically redefining the Internet.  And #Google’s heavy handed schemes to demonitize and scrub conservative expression from their so-called “You”tube certainly secures their emerging reputation as #GOOLAG.


GOOGLE SMEARS GAB in its specific excuse for CENSORSHIP

Hopefully the GAB LAWSUIT against GOOGLE will succeed, but with the dubious forces behind their operation guiding their actions, they’ll likely be up for quite a fight, and and now it’s nearly a year after the August 2017 action, and GAB is still being suppressed  and defamed along with all that are called “NAZI’s” for seeking free exchange after being abused and even expelled from Twitter.

google to goolag gulag logo censorship

Nevermind… seems the vile #TWITLER accomplice #GOOLAG crushed Gab’ s lawsuit in the first month!  Gab drops suit  And, no doubt the lawsuit over their unbelievable discriminatory hiring practices that make every effort to exclude Asian and “white” men from employment will run the same way.

So long Free Internet. It seems #ZUCKFACE, #TWITLER and #GOOLAG rule the Orwellian nightmare it’s so quickly become.  And it seems increasingly clear they’re just getting started.

HIDDEN CAMERA: Twitter Engineers to “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning” Project Veritas video below:

UPDATE MAY 7, 2018

Today I woke to find this chilling declaration of Twitler’s intent to permanently silence the viewpoints expressed by @OccDemParody.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.37.00 AM
Of course this simply adds insult to injury with such an ironic expression of concern for “diverse opinions.”  ODP certainly SUFFERED “abusive behavior” that includes “stalking,” “harassment,” attempted “doxing” along with other methods of “intimidation” to “silence” my message on their platform countless times.  I’ve yet to “threaten.” My engagements with others are limited to an invitation to debate, and the extent of any “harassment” was limited to snark and sarcasm, with an accompanying invitation to debate.  That’s the opposite of what Twitler defines as “silence someone else’s voice.”  Apparently they don’t believe that offering users the capability to MUTE or even BLOCK is quite enough to maintain the mental asylum atmosphere they believe is required for the special #SNOWFLAKES that account for the only “voices” they don’t want “silent.” 

And now we suffer the HIGHEST POSSIBLE expression of “abusive behavior” and “intolerance” by Twitler admins with the ultimate power of bullying.  All this made uglier with an added insult of an accompanying mischaracterization of a multi-year investment in a brand in good standing to offer fresh perspective to the least tolerant and most hostile cyber bullies imaginable.  At the apparent whim of one resident on-staff moron, the voice that’s silenced is ours, along with accompanying marginalization of being branded a “cyber bully” by the ULTIMATE of cyber bullies.

twitter suspension suspect jason larsen

Looking back, I recall interacting with this dubious character who seemed to be making the claim he could arrange #SHADOWBANS.  After losing an argument he announced that he “Muted” me to which I replied… “Well, Muting is about the same as fleeing to the #BLOCKEDBYLIBTARD #SAFESPACE.” Now I’m wondering if based on the size of his following, and stated powers if he might actually WORK FOR Twitler!

And obviously @occdemparody is not the only victim of an abusive relationship with #TWITLER.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.14.09 PM

We’re looking to participate in a class action lawsuit against Twitter and other Social Media monopolies that are abusing users.  If you know anyone who can help connect us with any existing action, or to help up a new suit, please let us know via the form below:

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 4.32.32 PM


We’re so fortunate that @Jack #TWITLER Dorsey has done his part to create more “civility of public conversation…”

dorsey twitler civility

And of course we’re not the only ones being robbed of our hard won audience by #TWITLER.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 1.29.15 PM

Jack #TWITLER certainly doesn’t worry himself about even enforcement of Terms of Service.  After summarily scrubbing well established names and brands like ours without warning nor explanation, remains committed to protecting the values of illegal , & directed against small children as his version of “publicly accountable towards progress!”

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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