#LIBTARDMEMES – Republicans, 1956 Platform vs. Today

Occupy Democrats Parody
May 7, 2018

Someone on our Occupy Democats Parody FB Page was kind to deliver this #OCCUPYDEMOCRATS MEME for our assessment.

Let’s take on the 7 points one by one.

1. 1956 version of “assistance to low-income” wasn’t quite like it is today. Please DO let us know if the “Republicans Today” might succeed at bringing it down to 50’s levels.

2. I believe the only “Republicans” that plan what you call “cuts” to Social Security are for elimination of ABUSE of the program and especially payouts to groups well outside of the original intended recipients that actually paid in.

3. BAN refugees. The quality of refugees invited in the 50’s were compatible with the #IMMIGRATIONLAW of the 50’s, and we you wouldn’t like that since that law already bans MOSLEMS and others who cannot be expected to assimilate.

#LIARSOFTHELEFT Snopes will claim this is “False” but the body of their arguments do more to verify than to dismiss the fact that Immigrants have to be capable of pledging allegiance to OUR nation and flag, and it’s clear enough that Islam prevents both.

4. NEVER raise minimum wage? Well, even the #LEFTWARDBENT NY Times figured out that #MINIMUMWAGE should be set to exactly $0.00.   Whether that’s the Republican, Libertarian notion, or just plain #COMMONSENSE, I’ll state STRONG deference to the “Republicans Today” plan if that’s what you believe it is.

NY Times Says Minimum Wage Should Be $0.00

5. CUT unemployment benefits? Sounds good on the surface, but you’ll have to be more specific.

6. WEAKEN labor unions? Put this “Republican Today” if that’s what you like to call me down for SMASHING labor unions. Let me know if that counts as “weaken.”

7. FIGHT equal pay for women. I didn’t realize there ever was such a movement. Republican, Libertarian and common sense attitudes call for men and women to negotiate their own rates. And as you MAY know the #PAYGAP myth is a wild misinterpretation and there’s absolutely NOTHING but outright COMMUNISM or SOCIALISM that will “equalize” wages for a common miserable experience for all of humanity.

ODPMEME wages follow brain mass and IQ

Here’s a more serious discussion on PAYGAP for those who don’t see the elegance of the quick MEME version above.

I want to  thank Jackie for dragging in such a golden turd from the inane and ALWAYS WRONG #OCCUPYDEMOCRATS though. It made a great #PUNCHINGBAG, and it looks like their unbroken record for being #ALWAYSWRONG has been nicely preserved!

occupy democrats fact check Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 12.08.21 PM
©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

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