The Real Story of Charlottesville and McAuliffe’s Own Plot to Incite Violence

June 1, 2018
Updated March 9, 2020

Occupy Democrats Parody

Terry McAuliffe clearly had a plan to convert a peaceful demonstration arranged with permits into a bloody spectacle to smear so-called “White Nationalists” as violent NAZIs, promote the aggression of so-called “anti-Fascists” and otherwise amplify the big lie for Democrats.

As for the unfortunate car crash being painted as a “murder by NAZI” story, most of those pumping fists to that noise don’t even know who was driving which of the 3 cars pictured in the pileup that harmed one or more of the illegal ANTIFA thugs.  These were present without permits to assault the peaceful protesters that had theirs revoked before they were funneled, under McAullife’s authority, into a corridor controlled by these violent and otherwise dangerous street goons.

heather heyer accident multple cars
You’ll notice that there are no cross-walks visible in the above picture so it appears the “counter protestors” as portrayed in MSM spin, were either J-walking or purposefully blocking traffic (a form of terrorism.)

I had watched a Youtube video that has since apparently been scrubbed by the truth destroyers at Google that showed the silver car being chased by the darker gray car shown above.  Of course the liars of the left portray the event in rather simplistic terms of a “NAZI” specifically targeting a Heather Hayer he never met for “murder.”  What we do know is that the heart attack she suffered at the scene was likely a result of the car crash and that she ultimately passed away after paramedics had restored a pulse, but not consciousness once through CPR.

Interview of Heather’s Mother

It is certainly unfortunate to see a wasted life cut short and we should all have great sympathy for any grieving parents that suffer a child’s absence.

Today’s poor journalistic standards appear to have covered up more than what they have covered, and so few details outside of a “murder by NAZI” story have yet to come to light.  It’s clear enough that Governor McAullife shares some if not much of the blame for the happenings of that day by his own actions to arrange violence for political gains.

This particular variety of “Democrat strategy” has become all too common.  And of course their other big game is to blame Trump and all of his supporters for whatever he says or doesn’t in the aftermath of their own latest Democrat arranged disaster.

If anyone has a copy of the missing video, please alert us via email or in the comments.

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

#Coonsman is still rearing his ugly #Feticide loving head with wild lies and drivel that exploit the Democrat-made traffic accident in #Charlottesville!


Now years have passed, and to date there’s yet to be any apology by McAuliffe nor any of his Democrat accomplices for the violence the created that resulted in a traffic accident and worse. And still, to this date, the lies are still being echoed to mischaracterize President Trump’s reaction. Most programmed zombies of the left still believe the “very fine people” promoted “Neo NAZIs and White Nationalists.”

Obviously facts will never matter even if they were shared by the lying main stream media!

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