“Biden’s Party” Achieves New Levels of Irony by Recycling Their “White Supremacy” Hoax

October 1, 2020
Updated September 20, 2021

In the recent two against one “debate” rigged against the incumbent President, the vile and wildly dishonest Chris Wallace reaffirmed his commitment to propping up the most feeble candidate to ever emerge as a Presidential Candidate since, if not before the third run by FDR.

A poorly devised 2 minutes “uninterrupted” format began with Biden being given his two (and often extra time) to read from an apparent script. Soon after Trump’s rights to his two minutes were challenged by antics inclusive of name calling and rude interruptions that were expected from Biden (based on his past performances including a VP Debate with Paul Ryan in October of 2012.) What surprised some were the routine interruptions by the alleged “moderator” Wallace, whom would immediately pounce on the President within the first few words of his answer by interjecting “We’re going to get to that question later!” and even belching out “corrections” or “challenges” to cut off the President.

To borrow from Mark Levin’s excellent analysis of what happens next, Trump’s is not the type to play Paul Ryan’s role in a debate “won” by Biden by merely ignoring the rules to keep his opponent off track and to dominate the stage in what the media of the day simply celebrated as “energetic” and “on his game.”

Now, just as any press conference with loaded “when had you beat your wife” sort of questions directed exclusively at Trump, so went the debate. Trump immediately recognized what was happening and stated for the camera that he was apparently there to debate two people. He also decided he’d need to play at Biden’s level to maintain any semblance of balance, although he did not resort to insult in the form of name calling as Biden did by addressing the President of the United States as “clown,” “liar,” and others.

As is typical of any ambush style of interview or debate, Chris saved what the left believed to be their best lie for last. And of course the party of racial division has always been the one that assassinated Lincoln, founded the KKK, and is otherwise at the center of all of America’s problems that have taken their game to the next level.

He warmed up by reciting the prevailing lie of Charlottesville, a wild fabrication by media that’s still repeated and has become the central (and quite ironic) theme of the “You ain’t black” (unless you vote for me,) Biden campaign. Chris Wallace was even careful to mention the woman that died of a heart attack en route in an ambulance for otherwise minor injuries suffered in a traffic accident which he, and his lying accomplices already know most of the public have been conditioned to accept as a “murder” by “right wing extremists.”

But of course Chris Wallace was “on a mission,” and had to end the debate by breathing new life into the big lie of implication that Trump’s “adored by all” of a couple handful of “white supremacists” and thus, the de facto leader of all things under the umbrella of the left’s favorite boogeyman!

And so he’s “offered” yet another big invitation to “denounce,” yet again any so-called “White Supremacists” and in this case he was to be cornered into denouncing the “Proud Boys” which hate groups like SLPC have defamed, rather outrageously if not hilariously as a “very bad” group of “White Supremacists.”

While all the other channels parrot the same lie that “Proud Boys” are a “very bad” group of “white supremacists,” one interview with the group’s “black” and Hispanic leader who begs to differ.

Meanwhile, nobody in any media has asked Biden to apologize for all his ties and close relationships with literal segregationists and his comfort in using the N-Word to project his racism onto other third parties.

Meanwhile, Biden refuses to denounce his Antifa, and nor is he called to task for his wildly racist comments. Of course he’s quite comfortable with the N word but in the above clip he’s using it, as he does today, to smear a third party as the racist. (GoogleCIA Censors took down the above damning presentation of the real Biden) … so find our own backup copy BELOW:
Hilarious reel that includes his comfortable use of Nword in the infamous 1985 Hearings that ran like Blazing Saddles

©2020 WarOnPress

Finally found proof of a racial supremacy militia!
A fun filled tour of the media’s job of making near half of the public into radicalized leftist fools.
Freshly indoctrinated product of college “education,” making a real impression on the career development site, Linkedin, by libeling everyone that supports Trump and more generally “whites,” as “so racist.” Apparently hasn’t worked her first job yet, and already calling for everyone else to be fired. Good luck Lacretia!
Replacement link for video taken down (above) Trump condemning white supremacy over and over and over.
The real racist is a Democrat

And Biden Family Values don’t end with old Joe.

Meanwhile, the steet Democrats remain as committed to the dumb as ever:

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