Children of Trespassers

June 19, 2018
Updated July 22, 2021
ODP Staff

All the usual NWO open borders suspects are screeching “NAZI” and invoking “concentration camp” imagery to vilify the extremely soft exercise of border enforcement exhibited by the Trump administration.

These include all the hard left, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi... and fake right, Laura Bush, Ana Navaro along with the incredible UN hypocrites like Zeid Raad Al Hussein that gives a pass to FGM and terror bombings while feigning moral outrage for the lack of balloons and free tickets to Disneyland to properly welcome the end of America.

Of course a few #DEEPSTATE former CIA heads are behind and actively echoing the same messaging to smear Trump and defame all the hard working men and women working the front lines of Border “Enforcement” as NAZI camp operators.

Many of us have been phoned by friends driven to hysterics by wildly exaggerated tales spun by corporate media.

Now lets do a reality check.  There are three primary options based on the law as written for the detainment of criminal invaders.

1. To write them little “tickets” to politely request that they magically appear in courts.  This method appears to have an 80% “no show” rate.  A program also known as “catch and release.” 

2. To arrest the adults For those new to the criminal justice system, children are not typically tossed into jail with their parents, so they are generously kept in taxpayer paradise daycare.  or…

3. Shoot all invaders before or immediately after they illegally trespass as one might see legitimate citizens treated were they to take a little family picnic in Area 51. 

I’m not a heartless bastard, so I am willing to entertain only two of the above options, and let me state now my preference of option two over the only other acceptable choice, number three.

As harsh as option option three might seem, it still nets out a savings of lives as fewer children will be at risk of kidnapping to be trafficked with criminal adults posing as parents.  And obviously the dummies and liars of #PRESSWECAN media aren’t going to bother getting into the details of how extremely dubious players exploit the system counting on the only unacceptable above option (#1) being directed by nefarious Democrats and aided by those conned by all their exploitation of emotions.


And frankly I’m not willing to allow American kids suffer the horrors wrought by the favorite option of Democrats… the “catch and release” especial…  not-an-option #1.


Perhaps if Trump at least sticks to his metaphorical guns (with option two) the next round of criminals, traffickers that literally kidnap kids to skip across the border, or to escort in MS13 “children” will have to scheme up other crimes against our country.  And not even the aiding and abetting Mexican government that protects and even sponsors the next “caravan” will be able to pitch the special All American Taxpayer expense holiday package to their next round of customers.

illegals caravan mexico vote fraud

Do I care about kids?  Well, I’ll be honest.  I care about my own the most.  I care about other American kids second most.  And the rest of the “children of the world” third most.  I sure won’t put my own family’s life on the line to stop abortion forceps from performing their grim magic.  Nor will I sacrifice my children’s country to be gamed by Democrats that exploit children as pawns in their war against America.


separating kids from parents abortion

So let them all heed Obama’s warning…


^Left… Obama administration detainment… Right… Trump’s

The longest separations are the ones that result from human trafficking.

human smugglers thrive under obama admin immigration separation families

I’m sure you get to keep your family WITH you and together in a nice Mexican prison!

mexico border vs ours obama catch and release separation
Yet another “trade imbalance.”

And here’s some more Truth about lying TIME MAGAZINE and the outrageous LIE exploiting children and emotions on their recent cover:

Progressives and their #PRESSWECAN will leave NO LIE untold.

And of course where the lying press ends, the liars converting social media into a cesspool of Marxism begins.  After summarily scrubbing well established names and brands without warning nor explanation, remains committed to protecting the values of illegal , & directed against small children as “publicly accountable towards progress!”



©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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