Whether it “Wins in Court” or Not, Why it is Harmful to Target Conservatives for Censorship

August 14, 2018
Updated October 4, 2019

Occupy Democrats Parody

Those who previously defended Free Speech, and many who are still whining incessantly about “Free Press,” are now unabashedly advocating and celebrating every last bit of censorship of all but their own speech.

Obviously the emerging alternative media is a major threat to maintaining corporate media’s long enjoyed dominance in their own business of programming the public mind.  And, with the destruction of critical thinking, this collective brain was already trained very well to rely more on whatever “expert journalists” presented as “news,” than any critical analysis, thoughts or individual discernment of their own.

High-wattage TV towers and cable contracts of old no longer offers corporate media monopolies adequate advantage to lie with impunity.  So they’ve been working very hard to convince an especially naive residual audience that corporate sponsored liars like CNN and Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter, and MSNBC’s prize cow (sometimes playfully referred to as “Madcow,”) are the only “Free Press.” Obviously the left revels in every irony, so they cannot be embarrassed by their simultaneous efforts to see whole brands scrubbed from any prominent positioning on the Internet with the help of their crony capitalists accomplices.

For those who doubt all but the “conspiracy theories” promoted by MSM and the left, like, “Russian hacking,” even Jack Dorsey of Twitter acknowledged “external pressure,” in his own TWEETS to “justify” Twitter’s reluctance to censor Infowars during the same 48 hours that we saw giant social-media monopolies defame and remove most traces of the extremely popular Alex Jones show.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 10.50.10 AM

In the course of two days Spotify was followed by Facebook, Google’s Youtube, and even Apple removed most traces of the Alex Jones Show, and even mass mail services like MailChimp, and LinkedIn (a career contact site) got in on the coordinated action that we now know involved secret meetings.  And it’s also come to light that Democrat-controlled-media inclusive of CNN are directly involved in what amounts to racketeering to silence the competition they cannot otherwise handle.

Many on the left that feign love of “free speech” become all “Ayn Rand” when it comes to “private companies,” and their sacred rights to treat what were advertised as “platforms” as their own personal webpages.  Now as a “platform” there are preexisting laws that prevent ANY from systematically banning all Muslims, all Women, all Hispanics based on discrimination laws.  There are no laws that specifically protect “political beliefs” and therefore, a compelling legal argument can be made that a page could ban Democrats, leftists, Republicans or conservatives” so long as they couldn’t be “accused” of the protected classes of “minorities” and such that you know would apply for barring lefties or Democrats.

Most may have noticed that leftists share much in common with their Communist roots when it comes to free speech.  Their core quality is narcissism* and so, in their “minds,”  “free speech” only applies to whatever comes out of their own mouths.  And their ideological house of cards doesn’t stand up well to scrutiny, so after countless lost arguments, they have increasingly resolved to simply attack any answers they don’t like as “hate speech,” and with that as the excuse, rush to silence the speaker by any means necessary.

The left really are not up for, nor do they even desire “a conversation,” nor do they even care to even hear from anyone saying something beyond the narrow spectrum of personal whims their narcissism treats as universal truths that must be cherished by all.


After countless years of indoctrination by government schools and the corrupting influence of their primary sources of news, namely LateNight comedy and the even more absurd Acostas, Stelters, and Maddows, we now have a serious demographic problem.  40% of millennials literally believe that “free speech” is “oppression.”  And so branding any undesired speech as “hate speech” is highly effectively with this audience of idiots.  And if that’s not enough of a demographic problem to promote the problem of Democrats empowered, they’ll continue to fix that with more indoctrination, but mostly with mass immigration to swiftly import more fools preprogrammed to shun freedom in favor of free government cheese.

Even if it were not for what amounts to questionable and even illegal activities to coordinate this attack on Free Speech…
obamas these two men racial divide division white supremacist us history

…with America more polarized than ever, “separate-but-equal” Internet, that makes  a circle-jerk for lefties and @GAB the platform that attracts primarily freedom loving conservatives, eliminates essential interaction between the good Americans and hysterical idiots.  

I had never much listened to Alex Jones, but after CNN racketeers coordinated with crony capitalists to scrub him from Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Youtube, MailChimp and even LinkedIn, I’ve become a whole lot more interested in whatever he and his Infowars has to say, as you should.

*Narcissism has been removed from psychiatric diagnostic manuals as a “mental illness” with the excuse being given that it’s become so common!  Most of us know that “cancer” isn’t “normal health” just because of the epidemic of cancer we’re seeing that’s most likely owed to Cell Towers, CellPhones, SmartMeters, and an obscene new CDC schedule of poorly made vaccines.  So It seems rather obvious that the real reason is, since narcissism is the key ingredient in the mental disorder known as “liberalism,” to make Democrats feel “normal.”

Do you support a real “free press?”  Do you believe social media monopolies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are “platforms” or “publishers?”  Please answer in the comments! 

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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