UnLinked: Linkedin Joins Social Media Taliban, Purges Resumes of Conservatives

February 16, 2021
Updated February 23, 2021
Updated March 3, 2022
Updated March 15, 2022
Updated September 7, 2022
Updated October 3, 2022

One might think that a career development website might be a reluctant player in the wars being waged against conservatives on the lefty playground pages like Twitter and Facebook. The take down of Alex Jone’s resume was but a preview of what’s to come, and they’re already coming for you.

September 7, 2022

After getting access restored to Facebook from the latest 30 day sentence, I visited the LinkedIn page on FB to request assistance with the career profile I’d been denied from accessing since early March.

Obviously I cannot promise not to post accurate and clear facts that are incorrectly decided to be “inaccurate” or “misleading,” and so I returned this statement, which for now has been found acceptable as a basis for restored access to my career profile.

March 3, 2022

Today I went to login to my LinkedIn and was shocked that the usual login didn’t work. Finally I clicked the “existing user,” to reenter my credentials, thinking it was just a glitch or one of those extra verifications that some sites legitimately throw out after a period of inactivity.

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Whether it “Wins in Court” or Not, Why it is Harmful to Target Conservatives for Censorship

August 14, 2018
Updated October 4, 2019

Occupy Democrats Parody

Those who previously defended Free Speech, and many who are still whining incessantly about “Free Press,” are now unabashedly advocating and celebrating every last bit of censorship of all but their own speech.

Obviously the emerging alternative media is a major threat to maintaining corporate media’s long enjoyed dominance in their own business of programming the public mind.  And, with the destruction of critical thinking, this collective brain was already trained very well to rely more on whatever “expert journalists” presented as “news,” than any critical analysis, thoughts or individual discernment of their own.

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