Why All Other Freedoms Live or Die with “Economic Freedom”

August 18, 2018
ODP Staff

The founders knew that, without “economic freedom,” citizens would have no chance of defending any other freedoms.  

This is another reason that it’s inane to parse economics from any other freedom.  And suggesting you could have one without others is as absurd as suggesting you can make all the money you like, but government should decide if, how and when you can spend it, or, you can spend as you like, but you cannot earn nor save money.

Many Marxist clowns posing as “professors” fill kids heads with nonsensical variations on the political spectrum.   The less inane of these plots an “authoritarian” up and down vs. an “economic” “left” and “right.”  And it results in absurd notions being passed such as “it’s so far to the left, it’s to the right” and other confusing platitudes passed off as some sort of “reasoning.”

Two dimensional “spectrums” also betray the obvious reality that most of us learn in or before Kindergarten.  Namely that  “left” and “right” refer to direction as opposed to coordinates on a 2 dimensional plane.

The amazing thing is that the mush heads emerging from Marxist infested universities believe they can meaningfully discuss things on this extra complex scale, when they cannot even seem to manage what they should have learned in Kindergarten about “left” vs. “right.”

political spectrum intelligent WITH PARTIES AND ODP

Many will still cling desperately to the 2 dimensional plane and coordinate system, apparently unaware that anything that falls off or the straight line that runs between “big State” and “big Individual” amount to sheer fantasy.

political spectrum hanson swinford two dimensional

And of course a fantastic imagination is required for them to prop up the house of cards of their flawed ideology, so it’s no surprise that so many would embrace the “political spectrum” plane.

Of course there’s always a real reason for everything liberals do and promote.  And the reason children are trained away from the only political spectrum useful to grownup conversation is that the Communists trusted with the “teaching” of children want to be able to whine and cry about NAZIs while promoting Communism in the same breath.  And the true scale of “left” vs. “right” shows them as close neighbors.


They shouldn’t be confused as “the same,” however, and the same indoctrination camps we call Colleges and Universities gloss over the fact that Communism is by far the greater killer.
CommunistLogic punch a nazi antifa cartoon violentdems

And we cannot blame them, since taking away their right to label those opposing their tyranny as “Fascists” and “NAZIs” would make it rather difficult to put a fresh new face on the Democrat’s core ideology:

democratic platform ala ocasio communist ortiz

However razzled and dazzled freshly indoctrinated minds are by the little dance performed by their Marxist professors, at the end of the day there’s no such thing as “authoritative right” nor of “libertarian left.”

©2018 ODP

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