The Danger of “Centrism”

January 16, 2021
Updated September 2, 2021

The words “extreme” and “extremist” are among the favorite emotionally charged words used by the powerful. It serves as a highly effective insult, to defame and disempower, any who might do a little too good a job at shining the light back on them. When it comes to a bloated government, only an “extremist’s” diligence can keep their power in check, as they do their own darnedest to probe and prod at our “centers.”

This notion runs against the grain of conventional wisdom, because of the aforementioned programming. And so it deserves some more detailed analysis.

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Why All Other Freedoms Live or Die with “Economic Freedom”

August 18, 2018
ODP Staff

The founders knew that, without “economic freedom,” citizens would have no chance of defending any other freedoms.  

This is another reason that it’s inane to parse economics from any other freedom.  And suggesting you could have one without others is as absurd as suggesting you can make all the money you like, but government should decide if, how and when you can spend it, or, you can spend as you like, but you cannot earn nor save money.

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