A Lesser Known Risk of Tylenol

October 16, 2018
Updated January 11, 2021

ODP Staff

Some things you should know about acetaminophen and risks to children’s health you should learn more about before following doctor’s “give ’em Tylenol” advice.

First Acetaminophen (active ingredient in Tylenol and Children’s Tylenol) is widely used in children because, per the experts, its “safety and efficacy are well established.”  So it’s the most often doctor and nurse recommended goto at the first sign of fever or other symptoms that appear to make children and babies uncomfortable.

Whereas my own family starts with safer alternatives as a first step and only uses Children’s Tylenol sparingly and when deemed necessary, lots of parents I know start with Tylenol at the very first sign of discomfort or trouble.

fever bekool kids

Some risks that are hard to measure, but there are particular risks to the casual use of acetaminophens in freshly vaccinated children and the specific reasons should interest you if you’d like to feel empowered to make sensible decisions for any children in your own care:


The above video carried important information and has since been withdrawn from YouTube.  This was from before YouTube began their policy of declaring all content not specifically from or endorsed by the wildly corrupt World Health Organization as verboten per their absurd new “Terms of Service.”

While we look for alternative content to get into the details of risks associated with Tylenol in conjunction with vaccines, we will leave you with some general thoughts.

Vaccines largely work by creating an event that your immune system “remembers” to be a real threat, so mitigating the trauma of a vaccine reaction is generally known to reduce efficacy.  Additionally there are other more general concerns with Tylenol and other pain relief medications as documented here by Dr. Mercola.  Note that the link provided should NOT be shared directly to Twitter nor Facebook since all of this and other doctor’s content is summarily banned from their personal websites formerly known as “platforms.”

Mercola Article

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Disclaimer:  Our writers gather from all sources of experts including reputable doctors, but our own credentials are only a few steps up from those of Bill Gates.

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