Flag Arson vs. American Freedom

November 15, 2018
Updated May 22 2022
ODP Staff

A wide variety of Americans defend the anti-American Left’s favorite pastime of burning the American Flag on our soil to make a “political statement.”  Many whom find the action abhorrent will rationalize it as “a right” that many good men sacrificed all to defend before being returned under a flag draped over their own casket!

On the surface this might seem just an expression of mild irony combined with nobility of “tolerance.”  But a more informed and logical analysis says otherwise.

If burning a US Flag on American soil counts as “speech” at all, maybe we should consider the quality of speech beyond just the superficiality of the decorum that’s sorely absent.  Most good Americans already recognize that it’s “a bad way” to “say something,” but perhaps it’s time to consider just what it actually “says.”

Since the US Flag represents our country and not just whatever Republicans or criminal Democrats gain control of our government, it represents the home of every American.   Burning that flag as “speech” can be reasonably taken to “say” only “Burn our nation to the ground,” or as is more common among Islamists and resident Antifa types, “Death to America!”

It’s not a stretch to take America to mean those Americans who grew up here, or who are raising children in this country. So “death to America” really means “death to us!”  That means by extension, “death to” our sons, daughters, grandkids, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles. Nobody should accept such a declaration of war against our beloved family and neighbors as any form of “protected free speech” anymore than we’d accept a TWEET threatening death or harm to family and friends on a personal and individual basis.

So, again, if it’s “speech,” it’s also a declaration of war against the USA, and a threat of death to our family, neighbors and countrymen.  And unless someone can correlate it to “have a nice day” or some other speech that actually is protected, it’s not.  It’s time we stop embracing flag arson as an awkward and wildly ironic celebration of “American freedom.”

©2018-2022 Occupy Democrats Parody

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