POTUS Puts Pelosi on a “NoFly List!”

January 17, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Pelosi leveraged her restored grip on gavel to “unvite” the President from the traditional State of the Union Address scheduled for January 29. In spite of statements to the contrary by Secret Service and Homeland Security, she asserted that the government shutdown might make securing the safety of the SOTU a unique challenge. She also invited the President to submit his address in writing!

The newly restored Speaker Pelosi had previously made clear her firm stand against her Constitutional responsibilities on border security when she dug in her heals with “not one penny” of budgeting for the Border Wall that had been promised by both parties since and before Ronald Reagan made his own deal with Democrat devils more than 3 decades ago.

Since then there’s been plenty of talk and even bills passed to fully fund border security measures inclusive of fencing. One such bill was passed as recently as 2006 under Bush and while Barrack was only known as Senator Obama.

And guess who quietly starved the fully authorized $50 Billion in a bill passed by both houses and signed by then President Bush? Of course it was Nancy Pelosi. Following the usual Democrat rules, their wins mean they apply power. America’s win means they play sneaky games with appropriations and a corrupted judiciary.

Now some of us have become wise to what’s really going on. In spite of dominant lip service to border security inclusive of profound words by then Senator Obama…

…duplicitous Democrats secretly had other plans that they were not yet prepared to reveal to the public.

You’ll notice that Pelosi openly uses language like “monitoring the border,” and the above cartoon couldn’t illustrate better what Americans are just starting to realize about what “monitor” actually means.

In addition to obvious votes after and before naturalization, the specific quality of “immigrants” Democrats fish for are largely unable to read or write in their own language, and thus, the perfect fodder for the style of campaigning done by Democrats to promote mass slavery under “Democratic Socialism” and worse.

Now that the pressure is on, Democrats can’t do much in the way of pretending to care about border security. And the firm resolve to sacrifice stability and security of an “open government” makes an underlying treason more apparent than ever.

It’s also increasingly obvious that the greatest fear of Democrats is that a barrier, whether “a wall” or “a fence” is not an issue of “immorality” nor some brand new expression of “fiscal conservatism” by Democrats. The real concern is that it will work in a way that removes their Party of Crime the access it needs to a commodity of ignorant foreign nationals.

Democrats have been long taking a collective dump on their traditional base of less informed middle class Americans, they simply need new dummies to fool.

Many don’t realize that, even without all the illegals they allow to vote, they have a class slaves addicted to social services that will fight in all kinds of ways, and by simply existing in quantities, a sanctuary State delivers a bigger total population which in turn lets them bully less populace States more effectively.

So even before they have their way with a long standing scheme to abolish the Electoral College, they become bigger States in the House of Representatives in raw number of seats! Again this applies whether the immigrants are naturalized as citizens or not.

Eventually they will bring enough to simply outnumber Americans and the Democratic aspects of our Constitutional Republic will be its undoing. And a long history of demographic games by Democrats already have us up against a ledge. As expected in this past election, Democrat Vote Fraud (inclusive of a new “ballot harvesting” trick, (as was signed into law by Governor Brown in California,) combined with activism of mind rotted teen voters would corrupt Congress. And so few are surprised by the many entertainments of what amounts to a circus of chimpanzees in Congress.

Fortunately Pelosi’s antics as Speaker and the unprecedented “unvite” to the President on his own State of the Union Address have already been outdone by the zoo keeper in the White House. One could hardly imagine how upsetting it would be to Pelosi miss the extravagance of public relations tour of Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan. And Trump knew just how to share the burdens of the Government Shutdown with Pelosi. Here’s his amazing letter that gave smiles to most every good American while inducing fits of rage among the anti-American left.

As promised in an earlier writing about congress, we are in for some great entertainments. And our amazing President is sure doing his part to mitigate the sad aspects of a thoroughly corrupted Congress with a more appealing and beneficial bit of comedy.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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