Twitter Now Punishes “Misleading” Tweets

August 1, 2019
Updated November 25, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Just when I was starting to believe that Twitter’s campaign of censorship to target conservative speech couldn’t get much worse, I was shocked to find that sensible advice on how to “Protect Our Elections,” is now a “violation,” per an expanded “Terms of Service” that now forbids “misleading” Tweets that concern “voting” or “elections.”

Video Updated November 24, 2019

Now I could understand that a Tweet send to tell an audience to “remember to vote on November 13th!” could be described as an unauthorized IQ test that could be argued a basis for legitimate harassment by the resident SJW’s on staff at Twitter, but to see this Tweet:

…reported, processed and, even after appealed and reviewed, held up as an example of “Violating” their rules, shows just how desperate Jack and his crony capitalist cohorts are to take controlling the next election all the way down to rigging each and every conversation on their personal webpage previously known as “platform.”

Ultimately things have become worse and the status of the “Explicit Truth” account and their 2500 following now seems to be in jeopardy. And another new account reported an extremely interesting phenomenon as they established their own new account.

New signups are treated to an opportunity to declare their interests. The new League of Men Voters clicked only “Science,” and was then treated to a list of recommended accounts that they may wish to follow. Now it’s no big surprise that Bill Nye the science fraud makes their list, but you may find the remainder of the 100% flaming liberals list to be quite interesting:

Quite the list of “science” influencers!

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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