Nothing Stinks Worse than the Media Spin in the Wake of Gilroy Garlic Festival Murders

July 30, 2019
Updated July 31, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Gilroy Garlic Festival is an annual tradition that draws huge crowds ever since it the first was organized Rudolph Melone in 1979. I had attended this event personally multiple times since the 80’s or 90’s, and, as a matter of coincidence was considering bringing my family this past Saturday July 27. A niece was even invited to work the event on its final day of its 2019 celebration, but instead came to join us at a pool party in nearby Morgan Hill.

Our own gathering finished up at 6pm and I began my own drive Northward on 101, to notice an unusual spectacle of police cars coming the opposite way, downward from San Jose, with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

I personally counted 46 police cars, mostly in groupings of four, and some were plain unmarked cars, all heading South. I then got the call from a brother who lives in Gilroy about what had happened.

Judging from the sheer number of cars coming from San Jose, it appears that the event was huge, and that all hands were already on deck from Gilroy’s and presumably other nearby police.

I calculated in my head that 11 must have been shot based on the size of the response as I continued to roll Northbound in the opposite direction.

Of course I knew to expect a spectacle of clumsy reporting followed by wild lies, and that all the usual suspects would soon be appearing on CNN and the other liar networks with newly energized calls for “gun control.”

And all of my worst expectations have since been verified. And since, things have become even more ridiculous.

First from Social Media I learned that there were multiple shooters, and that they were potentially still at large. Then I learned several hours later that the death toll was four, and that, included the vile murder of an innocent 6 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. An adult man victim made the total death count three, but of course the media took pleasure in illegitimately counting in one of the two perpetrators as the fourth.

Now well into the evening the perp was still not identified, and only the following morning did I learn of a Santino Legan who identifies as “Italian Iranian,” and who apparently hates “mestizos” and “whites” alike. But of course the liars that serve up lies for the left would find a way to make him a “White Supremacist,” and, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Rolling Stone, and other “Press We Can” media have been repeating this lie every hour, on the hour, and in most of the content in between.

Ragnar Redbeard is a anti-Christian Nihilist that’s a great admirer of Nietzsche.

All propaganda is based on some thread of truth, and this one hangs upon a flimsy tale derived from his mention and “recommendation” of what the same liars decry as a “white supremacist” book written in 1890. Of course they amp up their critique of this Ragnar Redbeard’s “Might is Right,” by words by a big “Holocaust denier” James, J. Martin who called it “one of the most incendiary works ever to be published anywhere.”

So, all the liars manage to convert the anti-white and self identified “Italian-Iranian,” drug user’s action as a crime by a “white supremacist” based on “he read a book” written by an anti-Christian Nihilist in the 19th century.

The media simultaneously covers up a drugged up anti-Christian nihilist, with their insult of choice and then repeat the lie of spin and omission ad nauseam to obscure truth and to defame all Trump supporters as “accomplices” in their little game of “guilt by imaginary association.”

Whereas I’ve become quite accustomed to spin, and wild lies by the propagandists that dominate America’s main stream media, I find this case particularly disgusting.

What’s more, is the hero work in an event that would easily have finished with the mass murder of 10’s, 20’s or more via AK47 has been swept aside to make room for the big lie. To the event’s credit, they made an otherwise precarious scenario of a public overly dependent on law enforcement due to some of the worst “gun control” laws in the nation, a miraculous “good guys with guns” story with their own policy of distributing armed officers throughout the event.

Democrats have no “common sense,” but California has plenty of “gun control.” Were it not for very good placement of Good Cops with Guns, this murder scene could have turned into a major mass murder scene.

And three in particular risked their all at the very first sign of trouble in a handguns vs. AK47 that could easily have become a story that added on or more officer’s death to dozens that would have otherwise followed.

Due to their excellent work, fewer children died than what are typically lost to illegals driving drunk on American highways. And whereas nobody should minimize the horrible loss suffered by the three that died, the hero of the day’s name receives exactly zero attention from any of the flapping lips exploiting the loss for their exceedingly dishonest political games that make this trauma all about “whites,” and “gun rights.”


Now Santino Legan is acknowledged as an Islamic Terrorist, but, and of course, the liars of the left continue to maintain that, if he is, he’s a “White Supremacist” Islamic Terrorist! The Main Stream Media believes their audience to be fools, and they’re mostly right.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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