SpyGate2: If First Schiff Don’t Succeed, Lie Lie Again!

October 3, 2019
Updated October 24, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

Some believe the eyes are the window to the soul. As wide as the crazy bug-eyes of Adam Schiff, one would still be hard pressed to find the most faint glimmer of whatever shriveled soul might possess this agent of darkness.

Dispatched from the bowels of California’s Central Valley, the “representative” Schiff, pays little mind to the farmers and other workers in and around Bakersfield, but is deeply committed to special globalist interests that have called on him to be the “intelligence” community’s agent in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In his position he wasted no time establishing himself as a partisan tool of the Deep State with vociferous anti Trump rhetoric and a willingness to otherwise lie to Congress and the American people at levels one might find exceptional even for a politician.

“Little Adam Schiff” as he became known for his underhanded dealings, was a key and essential player in the multi-year hoax that was born of what might be recorded as the greatest scandal in the history of American politics, SpyGate. In addition to offering up wild lies on demand to every complicit “news” organization with regular appearances on the Democrat’s favorite cable news shows, he became notorious for disappearing in the middle of special intelligence briefings for the apparent purpose of strategic leaks to these same agents of CIA propaganda.

His obvious aspirations of treason against the duly elected President Trump fell apart along with the Weissmann report that accompanied a “we found nothing upon which Trump can be charged,” with wild embellishments about “might have, could have,” and “would have.” After the hilarious testimony by the Alzheimer’s infected career hit-man Mueller’s under who’s name the aforementioned name was attached, Schiff knew that eventually the proverbial sh!t might soon “hit the fan.”

The “investigated” would now become the “investigators,” and anyone familiar with the way this whole Obama directed hoax played out, would realize this will be a huge problem for all involved.

But of course little Schiff does nothing on his own, so, now that his big dream of seeing that prior hoax to the “glory” of an epic show trial framed as an “impeachment,” had failed, it wouldn’t be long until he got his next assignment from his friendly connections within the Deep State.

Russian Comedians prove that Shifty Schiff is all too eager to “collude with Russians” to catch “dirt on Trump.”

Of course this is a high stakes game for the Communists infesting the Democrat Party and there could be no risk of a second failure, particularly when it was becoming increasingly clear that the circus of Democrat Presidential Challengers would have no shot of winning any sort of honest election.

Whereas the President is subject to Democrat operatives sifting through his underwear drawers and every conversation he has during his Presidency and that he ever had before it, there will be no such transparency about little Schiff’s calls. And under his usual cloak of secrecy he remains very comfortable with lying.

And denying his prior contact with a new anonymous “whistleblower” is apparently as good a bit of lying as he does on most any other subject. Getting caught in a lie is routine business for agents of the Democrat Party, but a complicit press will be there to report all of these revelations on their own terms in service to damage control.

So anyway, before we anyone can get caught up with his last round of treason with SpyGate, he’s already proving himself to be much closer to the Deep State mole behind SpyGate2 than he was able to reveal.

Now the accusation is that the President had some quality of phone call that contradicts the records of those privy’d to the call. And a lawyer prepared statement that amounts to hearsay by a partisan Democrat mole within the bowels of the CIA now is to be taken as proof of conversation Trump nor the Ukrainian leader never had.

Trump’s immediate release of the transcript of the call took so much wind out of the conspirator sails, that Schiff stood in front of Congress describing a call of his own invention. Meanwhile Pelosi put her finger up and felt the breeze blowing towards Impeachment. She would otherwise disappoint the real power that now rules the House expressed by “the squad,” the “Social Justice Communists” that now have, with the help of complicit media, become the true leaders of the party.

It seems we live in a day when any rapist or bank robber should declare candidacy for public office as a Democrat so they can declare any investigation of their crimes an effort to “influence an election.”

Now Pelosi knows that an ordinary Impeachment process as allowed in the Constitution and that kept to current House rules would be a disaster for Democrats. If she went through the formality of taking a vote, Republican members of congress would be able to subpoena their own witnesses and participate in the process.

And so she chose to forgo conventions and make it purely partisan Democrat Impeachment. And based on Schiff’s wildly false testimony of a reimagined call that would be too much of a stretch for a Saturday Night Live skit, the long awaited (since 2016) Impeachment marches forward.

Schiff already went on record to make clear that any ordinary efforts to “impede” the Impeachment in the form of Trump or allies defending the President would be mischaracterized as “obstruction,” and thus, however empty or wildly dishonest the present charge, anything but a full admission of “guilt” amounts to “guilt.”

Obviously this kind of anti-American business can’t be allowed to fly as it would represent a gross defiance of every aspect of our government and an attack on our way of life. But due to the accomplices in the wildly dishonest media, the public is being prepared to accept the Democrat’s latest efforts to “change the outcome” of a 2016 election in the name of feigned worry of Trump’s attempt to “change outcomes.” And of course that’s “proven” by the Chief Law Enforcement Officer’s call for the investigation of the actual criminals that operate with impunity and receive every protection by their party comrades.

Full Article from May of 2019 – American Thinker

The glaring hypocrisy of this attack based on an appropriate investigation into a former Vice President and current Democrat Candidate’s shake down of the same Ukraine shines through the best efforts by the MSM Propagandists. And those who experience some real news by other sources will face serious mental gymnastics to explain to their friends how Biden’s own flapping lips leave anything to the imagination.

The few times Democrats tell any truth, it’s invariably damning.

But at the end of the day, the Democrats are used to dishonesty and revel in every bit of it. If not for hoaxes, Democrats have no game. If not for double standards, they’d have no standards whatsoever. And without lies, they’d all be mute.

And Shifty Schiff as he’s also often called couldn’t be a better representative and embodiment of all the worst qualities of Democrat.

Perhaps it’s time for the rest of us to realize that all laws and rules, the majority of which are written by Democrats, are only there to be imposed on their opposition, never heeded nor followed by their own privileged and elite party cadres nor their constituents.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

Fun fact, as a dual citizen, every single of Schiff’s actions in Congress could be construed as a case of at least 50% foreign meddling.
The Democrat Infested agencies made their position clear some time ago…
And clearly Schumer agrees that the Deep State agencies are more powerful than a duly elected President.
Full Article
1. Lied to Congress – FACT
2. Lied to the Press – FACT
3. Leaks to the Press – FACT
4. Lacks Intelligence – opinion
5. Lacks Integrity – FACT
6. Loathes America – informed opinion
7. Lusts for Power – informed opinion

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

Never believe your own lyin’ ears nor eyes. Always wait for whatever the Liars of the Left media reports that they were spoon fed by Shifty Schiff’s leaks and decide based solely on those!



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