“Jackolf Twitler” Suspends League of Men Voters over Hilarious Retort to Hateful Bette Midler Tweet!

October 14, 2019
Occupy Democrats Parody

The insidious hag of Hollywood, Bette Midler has been long known to be a vile and hypocritical windbag under the wings of the left. She had, some months ago, decided to take a swipe at America’s refined First Lady in the form of a crude, misogynistic and arguably “xenophobic” poem.

Well I figured what’s good for this old Hollywood goose might be good for a gander, and I offered a playful punchline to her low brow joke.

I doubt many will be surprised with what happened next!

And of course I’m forced to remove the “offending” Tweet. Somehow I have a feeling that Bette’s Tweet is still up and her big Blue Checkmark isn’t in any sort of jeopardy.

It’s also important to note that another account is still locked out (along with roughly 2500 followers) and the account prior to that was completely removed with no specific reason offered at a loss of approximately 1500 followers and roughly 50,300 Tweets!

But obviously Jackolf has a specific vision for his personal webpage perviously known as “platform” that’s made chillingly clear in one of his own Tweets!

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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